Monday, July 9, 2012

Water for Koalas ... From McGuffy's Reader

This is an endearing story everyone should see ... if you are an animal lover, that is.  Take the link to my friends blog and read the story ... you will love it :)


  1. I have something for you on my blog...
    McGuffy's Reader

  2. I remember that heat wave, I felt as if I were melting everytime I set foot outside.
    I remember seeing that koala having a dip on the TV news along with the other one with the cyclists.
    That was the summer I had a very thirsty blue-tongue lizard take up residence in my backyard and we left dishes of water all over for him and for birds, cats, dogs,anything that was thirsty.
    There were more pictures doing the internet rounds of koalas being rescued, fed, watered and taken into care when a massive bushfire wiped out much of Victoria and their habitat and food supply was gone.