Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thursday Art Date With Rain ... Motion and Movement

Motion and Movement

Our Izzi is motion personified.  She was in full speed motion when we got her as a pup and has not stopped ... though I will admit, like all of us, she has slowed down with age.

Aussies need a job to keep them occupied.  Agility was Izzi's and if you look at her little face, you will see how much she loved it ...

She was just as busy off the agility field.  My granddaughter is her best friend  and she too is an example of motion as you will see ...

Raptors are another example of motion if you are lucky enough to be there when they are doing what they do.  This is a falcon and a Great Horned Owl attacking a lure.  

My friends live on a ranch and  these are pictures of their horses in motion.

Just for fun ... 

If you noticed Izzi is smiling all the way through the course ... happiness is motion to Izzi.  Those were wonderful days that I miss, but I am so grateful to have experienced them.

Andrea @ From the Sol

P.S.  Sorry to have missed last week.  I got up one morning and my computer had crashed  ... it spent a week with the Geek Squad and hopefully we are back for good :)

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Thursday Art Date With Rain ... Space

 S  p  a  c  e

These are both altered public domain pictures showing
that there are many kinds of space to consider.

This is the earth taken from the moon when our astronauts were the first to step foot on the moon.  It has always been a favorite of mine and I hope that our earth can continue to look blue and beautiful ... do you know what your carbon footprint is?  We all need to work to save the earth :)  This was done in pastel on black paper then( of course) digitalized in Pick Monkey.

 Hope all is well ... I have completed both of my vaccine shots and finally went for a badly needed hair cut this week.  Slowly we are working our way out of this pandemic ... finally.  It is good to have leadership at the helm :)

Andrea @ From the Sol

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Thursday Art Date With Rain ... Creases


The young and the old ... creases play a roll in everyone's life at some time or another.  My old lady is just an old lady, no one that I know and the young lady is another of my attempts at a Jane Davenport drawing without the swirling hair :)  Fun as always ... Rain's TAD is keeping my emotional head above water each week ... thank you to Rain and all of her fun followers :)

Andrea @ From the Sol

P. S.  Let me remind you again ... I often don't get the opportunity to write comments until the weekend.  By that time you all have stopped looking for new comments and so 1) you miss reading mine and  2)  you think I never comment on your wonderful art ... take a peek later in the week.  There is a good chance I have left a comment :)

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