Thursday, September 26, 2019

Thursday Art Date With Rain


I swear I have one of these.  I always seem to be popping a piece of candy in my mouth knowing full well that I shouldn't.  I would love to blame my mechanical candy snatcher hand :)

We are getting cooler days and the leaves are starting to change ever so slightly ... my favorite time of year :)  Hope you all have a good week.

Andrea @ From the Sol

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Thursday Art Date With Rain


This was just playing with a picture that had several different textures.  I always see things that aren't really there, but love developing them into something everyone can see ... 

Is there texture in the wind and the sunshine?  I believe there is though it may be beyond our ability to see it.  

This started out as a mushroom ... and I suppose it remains a mushroom, though of a different sort :)

I will spare you the details of what this really is, though I can go so far as to describe it as a mucoid strand.  The butterfly is just for contrast and a different version of texture.  

As art is a favorite pastime in this household it seems to come naturally that my Granddaughter, Poppy, would sprout her artist wings in many ways.  Yesterday, she won the district wide "Character Counts" t-shirt contest and was presented with a certificate and a check for her efforts.  I will post her t-shirt design as soon as we get a copy of it.  I must say, we are a proud family :)

Andrea @ From the Sol 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thursday Art Date With Rain

 A View From My Window 

It is fall and harvest is coming to mind, but not quite here yet in Illinois.  October and November are  the big harvest months ... my picture above was taken in early November of last year.  Corn, however, as long as it is Sweet Corn, is definitely on our minds now .... oh yummmm ! Dripping in butter with a dash of salt and pepper.  We can make fools of ourselves over sweet corn ... how about you?  It is best if you cook it the same day as you pick it ... and , of course, you have to know the right time to pick it.  My father had it down pat, but I leave it to the farmers out here.  We can tell if they know when we buy their corn.  Well, enough said ... looking forward to everyone else's harvest :)

Andrea @ From the Sol  

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Thursday Art Date With Rain

History of Immigration
Immigration is in the soul of the United States.We were founded by immigrants and we have thrived to greatness by the hands of a constant flow of immigrants who found opportunity here and gave back in so many ways.  Without open and caring immigration we will shrivel down to nothing but greed and hate ...

Deco Period


History of Nursing


That's all for me today ... History was hard mainly because there are too many choices, but I tried to pick subjects that reflected my personal experiences (not that I was in the roaring twenties, but my parents were as kids and they had many stories to tell).  Thank you, Rain ... another fun week :)

Andrea @ From the Sol