Thursday, February 25, 2021

February Films - Tragedies and Melodramas

 February Films ... Tragedies and Melodramas

I had fun with this prompt.  I think I should stick to cartooning until I can figure out how to do portraits.  Snidley Whiplash is the epitome of  Villainous Melodrama and he was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the prompt.  I started with a sketch, painted it in Photoshop and then diced it up in PicMonkey.


This might be at the top of my list of Tragic Movies  ... or any movies as far as that goes.  It was an awesome story that if you haven't seen it, do or  read the book.  You will love it!

 So, two more days until I get my second shot and then ... same ol', same ol' ... wear a mask, keep a distance , wash my hands  and stay out of crowds :(  But, at least I won't be so stressed when I have to go to the grocery store ... and that's a good thing :)  Stay safe everyone!

Andrea @ From the Sol

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Thursday Art Date With Rain ... February Films ... Comedies

 February Films ... Comedies

I always had a thing for Bob Hope  ... More because he entertained our troops when they were far from home and facing war.  I always thought that made him very special,  so I went to all of his movies to say "thank you" in my own way ... and he was funny :)

Andrea @  From the Sol

Friday, February 12, 2021

Thursday Art Date With Rain ... February Films ... Film Noir

Film Noir

Poor Humphry doesn't look much like himself, but at least it has a films noir look :)
I am later than usual and was lucky that Rain was late too.  I have one vaccine shot down and one to go ... looking forward to less stress:)  Though I do know that the precautions are permanent until another day :(  Be safe everyone ...

Andrea @ From the Sol

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Thursday Art Date With Rain ... February Films - Westerns


February Films - Westerns

I know we just had this conversation about Roy Rogers being my favorite as a child and Lone Ranger being my sister's favorite.  We used to play at night when we went to bed ... using my dumbo and her panda as the kids and Roy and The Lone Ranger as parents.  Kids had wonderful imaginations when I was growing up ... I worry that today's kids who dive into video games at an early age will miss that part of their development.  Anyway, both pictures started out as sketches, then painted in photoshop (I color them with colored pencils, but they don't scan in well) and some digitalizing to finish off.  So, Hi Ho Silver and Gettum up Scout ... and I am out of here.  My FH and I are scheduled to get our first shots on Saturday (finally) and the process begins.  :)

Andrea @ From the Sol