Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday

Wild Bird Wednesday #42
Paying Ready Attention

The Pelicans have all gone to the north to their many nesting places.  They were a joy to watch once again.  I do hope they will continue to use our lake as a resting place.  Interestingly, they don't stop here on their return trip ... hmmmmm.

There is one short story to tell that sheds some light on the wonder of nature ... I was outside when I saw what I think was the last group of Pelicans taking off across the lake ... they began their climb, riding the thermals higher and higher ... then suddenly one broke ranks and slowly glided back down to the lake.  The others seemed to continue to climb, but when they realize one was missing, they came back.  They spent the day on the lake ... the next day I wasn't home and by the following day, they were gone.  I love how they came to take care of their own ... I know the geese do it and I wonder how many other species do it.  It is a lesson man could learn from ... I do so love nature!

Onward and Upward, my friends ... 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday

Mandarin Orange #39

A swan swimming in front of a beautiful stand of reeds in the channel by our lake ... (original)

These are patterns in a thin layer of ice on a puddle ... I added  color to get the design.

I attended a funeral last week that was so spiritual and gratifying in the way it  addressed the beliefs of the widow (Christian) and of the deceased (Judaism).  It reminded me of the Baha'i beliefs that we all travel different roads to the one God which, in the end, brings us together as one.  If only we could live our lives with that oneness ... the acceptance and respect of each man for who he is and what he believes.  Instead I see so much division and bitterness.  I wish we could look inside of ourselves and find it in our hearts to love one another ... Peace, Love ... Respect.  God wants nothing less from us ...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

  I has time out ... 'cause
    I couldn't helps myself ...

       And, I'd do it agains ... it was sooooooo worth it :)   
 (Don't tell my Mom)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wild Bird Wednesday

Wild Bird Wednesday # 41
Link to Paying Ready Attention

Red Breasted Mergansers ... "a wooing we will go"

The taunting female ...

and, off she goes ...
with him on her tail ...
Will the boy get the girl ...?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Zendala Dare

Zendala Dare #53
Link to The Bright Owl ... Zendella Dare 53
I do my original on paper then scan it in to the computer.  It seems to lose a lot of it's clarity in the scanning process, but I think you can see what I have done.
I know Zentangle is not supposed to be colored, but I can't seem to resist .   So ...
Then I took it a step further so I could link it to Mandarin Orange Monday. 

Smile Friday

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures

You see ... if I tweak my face like this, my ear goes up :)  And, if you believe that, there's a bridge my Mom will sell you ...
Truth ... it was a windy day :)

Feline Friday

Feline Friday #34
Link to Feline Friday

Comfort is my middle name ...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Inspiration Avenue

Inspiration Avenue Link
Sadly these are blossoms from last years garden as winter is trying to hang on here much longer than usual ... but it is fun to dabble with "Blossoms" so I am reminded of what I have to look forward ... soon, I hope :)
This was a cheery choice of challenge ... I really enjoyed it.  Have a wonderfully Inpirational Week :)

Wild Bird Wednesday

Wild Bird Wednesday #40
Link to Paying Ready Attention

This has been an exciting weekend.  The migration has started full scale.  A large group of Pelicans finally arrived ... not as many as in the past.  I think they must have been separated when they had to find a temporary place to rest and feed because the first time they arrived our lake was still frozen.  But, they are here, just the same ... comical lumbering at first glance, but amazing and graceful in reality.   In addition to the Pelicans the Cormorants, Mergansers, Golden Eye, Greater Scaup, Wood Ducks, Loons and, of course the Mallards have all come through.  I haven't seen the Coots yet ... but they will be here with other birds I am sure.  Migrations are amazing and I am so glad we have an area that will support their travels by allowing them to rest and feed.


I have more Pelican pictures and some other interesting pictures I took this weekend which I will share another day.   I will once again apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I have concluded that since I can't get close enough to get high quality photos with my equipment, I am going to have to be satisfied with capturing the moment ... I hope I have done that for you today ... Happy WBW:)