Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wild Bird Wednesday

 On our way over to pick up the Queen, McGuffy and I spotted a Red Tail sitting in a tree.  Of course we stopped to take a picture and then we noticed ...

off in the distance another Red Tail soaring over the field.

Excited by our siting we moved on to get the Queen, not thinking any more about it.  Then on our way out of the park in the same area, McGuffy shouted ... "Look, there are two of them!"  And sure enough, a pair of Red Tails sitting together in the same tree.

As we watched and snapped pictures we noticed that they seemed to be as interested in us as we were in them.  This is very unusual behavior for a Red Tail who would usually be spooked by our presence.  

then we looked around for a nest, thinking they were probably guarding their nest and that is why they just stayed there.

So that was just awesome and off we went to our coffee shop, immersed in laughter and fun stories ... not giving a thought to the birds.  But when I got home and downloaded my pictures and got a good look at these beauties, I realized that these were branchlings ... a first for me.  I have seen Red Tail babies because we often had them at the Rehab center ... but these adorable branchlings were interested in us because they didn't know any better. They are out learning about the world and soon they will be semi accomplished hunters under their parents tutelage and by next winter they will have to fend for themselves.  Many don't make it through their first year ... I hope these two are lucky and smart and live to be a ripe old age.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Pogo's Belated Birthday

Hi Pogos ... I has been travelins the country sides tryins to finds you the perfects Belated Birthdays present and I thinks ... I really thinks I has founds it.  Now, I is a girls, but I is not a Yorky Girls so whats could be betters than a Sweet Young Yorky Girls wishing yous a Happys Birthdays .... I thought you woulds like this so here's goes :)

Sorry you is getting olders, Pogo's, but they says thats you gets wisers too, so thats a goods things, right?  Happy Belated Birthdays, my friends.

Loves, Izzi

Our World Tuesday

Our Blogging Worlds Collided in the state park in Northern Illinois ... Who could have ever imagined that 
these three Bloggers could meet and the world around them would explode with joy, laughter and a sense of having been friends forever ...   

I didn't have any concerns about meeting the Queen ...(Life in a Canned Ham).  We had been sparring in jest for a long time so I fully expected her to be fun.  And, of course, McGuffy (McGuffy's Reader)is my neighbor so I knew she was fun.  But after a brief cautious exchange of politeness ... the realities started to flow.  We were all so willing to laugh and kid, even be silly and it was like a snowball rolling down a hill ... the longer we were together the more fun we had.  The Queen called it a therapy session and it was all of that and more (though most therapist I know wouldn't have been half as much fun).  And I have to say that "Left Brain" wisely allowed the women to go off on their own.  We took a quick spin around the State Park (ugly as it is this time of year) then off to our favorite Coffee House.  There we spent the afternoon glued to our chairs talking, laughing, kidding, confessing ... I will say that most of the conversation was between McGuffy and the Queen because they have much more in common, but we all shared what we had to share and loved every minute of it.  It was planned to meet again the next day and we would bring our dogs so George and Gracie could meet them .

On day two we brought Stella and Izzi ... George and Gracie were not impressed.  They are two very beautiful and sensitive kitties.  Gracie probably would have gone out walking with us, but George is the shy boy (you have to watch out for the shy ones:).  This time we took a walk through part of the park and it was still ugly ... though we did see a few  birds.  It was really cold and windy so we decided, of course, to go to the Dairy Queen.  What else do you do on a cold windy day when you are a little bit crazy.  We dropped the dogs off at home (not sharing my Blizzard with Izzi) and off we went.  The Blizzards were delicious and the company was even better.  We, of course, had to cap off our day visiting an old family farm cemetary.  Getting in and out was not easy, but we continued the banter and fun and if there were any ghosts there, we probably scared them off.  Then back to SeeMore (The Queen's Mobil Home) and we said our Goodbyes ...  I can't remember when I have had so much silly, pointless but truly wonderful fun.  Thank you Queen Jester and McGuffy Ann ... We must do this again, Sistas!

George & Gracie
(Brotha and Sista)

NF Inspiring Photography ... Catching the Light

Glaring Sunlight reflecting off of every car ... Blinding to the driver ... beautiful to the photographer :)

Mandarin Orange Monday

Laughter can go a long way ... 
I have learned this lesson many times and I treasure each experience ... if you want to learn more about what laughter can do for you, click on Laughter below.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


It is not uncommon for me to sit down with a group of people and have the conversation go to the hardships people suffered in their childhood.    I feel badly that there are some whose childhood was difficult, so I don't chime in because 
 I had a wonderful, fulfilling and loving upbringing.  Was it perfect? No, of course not.  But it was full of love ... I never once doubted that I was loved and safe in my home.  Even my pets loved me and protected me.  As an adult, I learned what it was like to fear the loss of love ... but having had the experience of love before made me fight harder for it.   I think I won that battle because here I am today, knowing that I am loved and being free to love others ... even my pets and all of natures creatures.  Volumes have been written on what Love is all about, but I don't need to dissect it to know I have it ... so I just sit back and enjoy ... and yes, I work very hard to return the LOVE!

I have to go to my "Wall of Family" to start this post ...
Me, my father, my mother and my sister ...

1950's ... some things never change :)

as teens ... still in the 50's

Newly weds in the 60's

Growing older together ...

Back to the "Wall of Family" ... Two beautiful Children

They have always loved each other ...

Grandchildren ... the older is a step-Granddaughter who we never see anymore, but she will always be family to us.

Growing older together ...

So what we have is two old poops( 50 years in September)  ... and a loving family :)

Giving and Receiving love in every way we can ...

And ... a future generation?  Much to soon to tell.  She graduates high school in May.  But, she has a lot of love to give, so I expect it to happen someday.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday's Critters ...

This story will blow you away ... we all know animals are smarter that we give them credit for, but this is ridiculous and awesome.  See if you don't agree :) (click on Honey Badger Escape)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend Reflection

This is Gracie resting peacefully on the dash board of the Queen Jesters Canned Ham :)(Mobile Home)
The windshield is reflecting the trees in the park around her.

Smile It's the Weekend

Good Mornings, Badger Boos.  This weeks I will do a quicks review of my weekends in Ohios ... I knows I has done this befores and I don'ts want to be  redundants, so I will just hits on some of the highlights. 

My first highlights is more of a low lights ... I is saying :Heys, lets me out of heres ... why can'ts I ride in the fronts like Shelbys?
Shelbys in the fronts seat ...

This is "D" ... shes the ones who lets Shelbys sits in the fronts seat.  But, she lets us rides in her cars so we can goes to Ohios so thats okays.  "D" has deeps pockets and she always has treats in thems ... I loves "D" :)
We is offs on the roads agains for a longs drives and I is sleepins'.

We finally gets there and yeps, there it is ... my beds, in my homes away from homes.  

The first things we dids was takes a nice longs walk with "D" and Dash.  Looks at this picture ... does it look likes there is no ends to this roads?  Well, there is, because we founds it ... 

We saws some neats stuffs ... like this bigs herd of deers ...

My Moms spotted a Meadows Lark ...

Then this bigs Turkeys Vulture came swoopings down by us and landed in the fields.  My Moms said he has founds somethings deads to eats ... I thinks that is so cools, I wonder if he would lets me rolls in it before he eats it.  

Finally it was that dreaded times when my Moms leaves me alones to go eats with the other peoples.  I guess I don'ts minds because she brings me goods things when she comes back.  This nights it was livers, yumm!

Next days we goes to the fairgrounds for the agility trials.  It is really colds and I is lovins it, but the peoples is all grumblings abouts how colds it is.  They builts a tents and puts a heaters in it ... Peoples are really funnys.

The nice things abouts the tents is it has a treats tables in it ... sometimes I cans gets my Moms to shares her treats ... I loves food :)

Then I hears this bigs commotions ... they are sayins "Moya rans over her Moms in the cars" ... and they are all laughings.  I am thinkings OMGS, what will we dos.   Poor Moya's Moms.  Buts it turns out they was just jokings ... and I fells for it:(

Everyones is always happys on this trips ... we has a greats times ...

Yes, its times for some agilitiys pictures ... this is Moya.  She loves to tease her Moms on the contacts :)

This is our illustrious leader, "C" and Magick, who is really magic on the course.  Poor "C", she teaches and teaches my Moms and well ... sometimes it just doesn't happens.  But we all has funs :)

This is "MA" and Max ... she helps "C" at the agility schools and sometimes teaches us when "C" can'ts be there.  We loves "MA" too ...

For a littles guy, Max can really flys ...

"T" is our Juniors Handler.  She is reallys goods and she is even ables to runs other peoples dogs ... like Bailey (who isn't here this weekends) and mes ... yes, she even rans mes.

Rubys Tuesday is "Ts" dog ...

This is "D" and Dash ... Dash is an awesomes Aussie (likes mes, of course) and he is becomings a greats agilitys dogs. 

Of course, it was outs to dinners agains withouts mes ... These peoples look likes they is havins too much funs :)

And looks ... "T" found mys picture on Facebooks ...

And my Moms cames home with steaks ... Double Yums!

When we come out the next mornings there were some peoples with their Coons Dogs.  They were having some kinds of a trial at the Fair grounds too.  It was fun ... I had never mets a Coons Dog before.

When we got backs to the fair grounds, the judge was setting up the courses ... here we goes again :) Nice shirt, judge :)

This is Jims and Hollys ... they is in my skills class.  We is good friends.  Hollys has some great skills and Jims gives me treats too ... I loves Jims :)

Near the ends of the days, my Moms pulled a muscles in her legs so she asked "T" to runs me for Tunnelers.  I wasn't sure abouts that.  My jobs is to takes care of my Moms and how cans I dos thats if I am nots with hers.

 I wents because Agility is also my jobs and I likes "T" ... Buts, I hads a plans.  I rans as fast as I coulds ...

and when I gots to the right sides ...

I went over and checked on my Moms ... she was still theres , so

I finished my jobs, ran through the last tunnels, out of the rings and down the little roads to my Moms ... Phews, now my Moms and I are safes again.  

This is the whole gangs, includings the judge and the peoples who puts on the trial.  These people laughs and smiles a lots ... Moms says that's healthys,  I says it's just funs:)  So that's its, Badger Boos ... Another greats weekends in Ohios.

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