Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thursday Art Date With Rain

Cracks & Crevices

Barn Owl pipping

Hoping for Rain to be back this week and that you are all safe and well ...

Andrea @ From the Sol

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thursday Art Date With Rain

Round And Round

Round is around in almost every part of our lives though, for the most part, it goes unnoticed ... Until, of course, someone like Rain posts it as a prompt :)
A little memento put in a very special tree in a very special spot in our Arboretum ... 

 Glucose monitor on my diabetic cat :)

And Last but not Least
It is round and it is around:(

Andrea @ From The Sol

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday Art Date With Rain

Historical Events

I tried to choose events that I experienced in my youth ... events that left a lasting impression on me.

I grew up in the era when segregation and prejudice were a way of life in certain parts of our country ... really probably everywhere to some extent. But,  I was raised in a University town by open minded parents where we didn't learn to see different colors, races or nationalities, but just people, young and old, fat and skinny, tall and short with accents or strange dress or different color skin.  They were just people like us, that we liked or disliked  because of their behaviors or attitudes and how they made us feel when we were with them, but never because they were different than we were.  Martin Luther King made us all aware of what is right about inclusion , fairness and equality ... it was a deep subject as I grew up and remains so today.  Sadly ignorance still prevails ... but Martin Luther Kings words still ring out and though it seems to get worse before it gets better ... I still have hope!

When I was in grade school Polio was something we all feared.  Once in awhile one of our classmates wouldn't show up at school and later we would hear that they had polio ... it was a scary time just as we are living through another scary time today.  I can remember that one summer we were not allowed to leave our yards to play with our friends.  It was a long summer, needless to say.  We would call out to each other and play games that you can play at a distance.  I was lucky to have a sister I could play with at home . I still have friends that suffered the effect of polio and it apparently creates even more issues as they get older.   A sad time with a sad result, but a cure was found and it had been abated. Recently some people have been campaigning against vaccines and now an occasional case of polio appears,  just as in our country today, some people won't follow the science to stop the spread of the virus ...I fear there are more scary times ahead ...

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy
November 22, 1963

I was in College when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
He had come to the campus to campaign and I was a fan.  The shock of having our President shot sent a ripple of anguish and fear through all of us.  We watched the funeral in dead silence on our Televisions ... I can still fill the pain to this day.

The most obvious event is the pandemic we are experiencing today.  The whole world is experiencing this virus and everyone has a different approach to containing it ... we (The USA) have no approach.  Every state is left to it's own volition and seemingly, based mainly on which party you are in, the people of the state are left to making an individual choice ... "Do we follow the science or do we follow the President?".  Sadly those choices effect everyone.   Every person who goes out into a group without a mask and without maintaining social distance can have an effect on the lives of every person they come in contact with ... and many more have died than should have.  My choice has been to stay home though I do have to go to the store occasionally.  I take every precaution, but still see people in the store not wearing a mask and not concerned about keeping a distance ... so like everyone else, I am at risk. Will this event go down in history as the truth of the failure of our government or will there be a cover up ... only time will tell.  We can all pray that we are still here to fight for the truth.

Andrea @ From the Sol

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Thursday Art Date With Rain

Your Flower

I am a Pisces, so my flower is the Water Lily.  I can't say I am disappointed because I love Water Lilies and have, over the years, taken many pictures of them.  These are just a few ...

I have been taking pictures of flowers for years so picking out my favorites took quiet a bit of time.  I am sure I will run across pictures that I over looked and wish I had included, but for now these are a few of my favorites :)

I searched for the original of the sun flower with the bees making it look like a Smiley Face, but somehow in the switching to my new computer, I have misplaced it.  So I added a reduced version that I use for my blog. *

Even in death, the lilies are beautiful ...

My beautiful daughter-in-law showing the size of the Hibiscus Flower compared to her hand ...

It has been relaxing and enjoyable escaping into my computer files during these difficult times.  So far we are all well and I send my prayers out to all of you that you are in a safe place and remain well.

Andrea @ From the Sol

*Of course I found it after I had already posted ... sorry if any of you missed it.