Sunday, May 31, 2015

An Aussi-spicious Life

My Tails of Woes 

I has to starts out by warnings all of my friends to never goes to sees the Vets.  They dos things to you withouts you knowing what they are doings ... They sticks needles in you and all of a suddens the next things you knows you are laying in a crates with a screaming headaches, a sicks stomachs and terrible pains in your leg.  So what happened?  My Mom comes to gets me and they has to carries me to the car and then intos the house.  When they sets me downs my back legs won't moves, it is all stiffs and sores and it has things stickings in its that looks likes staples.  OMG ... what has they dones to mes?

So my Moms is very sympathetics and then puts me in my crates and closes the doors so I can't go anywheres.  I feels terribles and now I is shuts in my crates.  Are they mads at me ... dids I do somethings bads and am being punished?  I don't understands.  But at this points I just hurts so I don't wants to thinks about its.  I tries to sleeps but it hurts so I just crys all nights longs and my Moms sits by my sides to makes me feels betters, but the hurts doesn't goes away.  

The next mornings I gets up and my hurts legs isn't workings so I has to hops on three legs.  My Moms gives me foods but I don't wants it, I just want to drinks, so she gives me waters.  Then, of course I has to goes potty's and then she has to carrys me downs the steps out sides ... how embarrassing.  I has to tells you that at this points I am startings to gets upsets ... I am thinkings my leg hurts and I needs to licks it, but my Moms keeps saying "No Lickings, Izzis".  So I trys not to licks, but my brain tells me to licks and before you knows it I am lickings agains.  So nows, its nots bads enoughs that I hurts, but they puts this things on my necks so I can't licks ... it is ugly and heavys and like livings in a tunnels.  

Well I dids what any sanes dog would dos,  I ripped that tunnels off my heads and tore outs somes of the staples in my legs.  It hurts, but it felts better withouts them in theres.  My Moms was upsets with me and to punish me she tooks me backs to the Vets.  Doctor Johns glued me backs together and then wrapped my legs up good and tights ... he showed me he hads the same kinds of wraps on his legs and we laughed abouts it ... but I was really not happys to have that things on my legs. 
 My Moms got a different kind of bigs donut to put arounds my necks so I wouldn't be ables to licks.
This one was too small ... I knews it, but didn't says anythings.  My Moms figured it out and exchanged it for a biggers ones ... oh rats!
It worked for awhiles untils I figured outs how to gets around it.   That nights, I tore that ugly, clunky wrap off.  OMG was my Moms upsets ... so yes, you guessed it.  Back into the big tunnels only this time she fixed it so I couldn't gets it offs.  So that's where my lifes is todays.  I lives in a tunnels ... has you evers tried to eats foods or sniffs the grounds with your heads in a tunnels. 

 My leg is feelings betters now so I don't know whys I can't takes it off. 
  I is walking on my legs and could runs if my Moms would lets me.  She says no, I am not supposed to be walkings on my legs yet ... so what does she expects me to dos, go three leggeds forevers.  I know they are still mads at mes or they wouldn't makes me do all of these things.  I am trying to be goods so they will say, Okays, Izzi, we loves you agains and you can dos what all dogs dos agains.  But ... that isn't happenings yet and it makes me sads.  But I will keeps trying because I loves my families and I wants them to loves me. That is my tails of woes.

Good Nights, my friends ... Maybe tomorrows will be a betters day.


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Camera Critters

The feed store in my area sells chickens and ducks to the farmers every spring so I am lucky enough to see them when I go to buy bird seed.

They make it a point not to sell them as pets for kids which is a common practice around Easter ... we all know that those little chicks rarely do well and it should be discouraged for their sakes.
Cheep, Cheep ... Quack, Quack :)


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Weekend Reflections

I think mirrors are a wonderful invention ... I can't pass a mirror without taking a picture (except when I can't get myself out of it).  This is in one of my favorite little shops ... looking in two rooms at once :)


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

NF DAM Digital Art Meme

These are dabblings from Monday's Catch the Light pictures ... you should all know by now that I just can't leave anything alone.

I would love to tell you what I did, but since I did it three days ago that information is long gone.  So, do you see the boy and his dog in the last one?


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

NF Trees and Bushes

This, believe it or not, is a piece of china with a tree on it ... I just couldn't pass this up :)

And as you have probably guessed by now ... I couldn't pass up playing with it .


Monday, May 25, 2015

NatureFootstep ... Catching Light

This is refracted light on my kitchen counter.  It comes from a toy that my cats have that has a crystal turning in the sunlight.  It is supposed to send little dots of color around the room that the cats chase, but the turning mechanism is broken, so it just sends out these beautiful spots on the counter.  The trick is to have sunlight which is a rarity these days ... but hopefully soon :)


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Fences

Some interesting laser cut (I assume) figures mark this fence ... both artistic and humorous.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NF Trees and Bushes

The Red Bud is my all time favorite tree.  It blooms in the spring before it's leaves come out so it has a very oriental look.  This beauty lives in my neigborhood.  I am sure if I went through my files, I would find a picture of this tree for every year that I have lived here.  

A little Fresco makes it pop a little more ... Enjoy!


Monday, May 18, 2015

NatureFootstep Catching Light

I can't draw a straight line, but the sun can ... on my wall and tub.  I honestly could never figure out where it came from :)


Friday, May 15, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Feline Art Friday

Gazing ...


Good Fences

Most fences serve a practical purpose, but sometimes a fence is just a beauty mark on a lovely yard.  I am thinking that is what we have here :)