Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thursday Art Date With Rain

Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes

Bambi is a work in progress ... there is more to come, so stop back later in the week and see if I have managed to finish :)

Hope everyone is well and staying safe !

Andrea @ From the Sol

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Thursday Art Date With Rain

Try a Different Medium

 Colored Pencil and pens with digital background ...

Digitally altered

Pastel on black paper


Paint pens

 This is a paper mache water buffalo that I did years ago ... thought it would work for this post :) 

My granddaughter's  friend and her father made this Origami Swan to help pass the time during the Covid 19 shutdown :)  Pretty awesome, right?

So hope you are all being safe and finding ways to enjoy life even with it's threats and limitations.  Be well!

Andrea @ From the Sol

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Thursday Art Date With Rain

Heat Wave

Do you remember the Supremes?

The sand on this beach was so hot, I had to dance across it to keep from burning my feet ... 

So ... I found myself a cool place with a cool drink :)

Is this where we are headed?  Sadly the US government denies global warming ... but the Corona Virus took it on and as people spend more time at home and industries close down, the air is clearing ... you no longer need science to tell you that people are responsible for the issues of global warming!
Be well ... Be Safe

Andrea @ From the Sol

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Thursday Art Date With Rain

A Magical World

Like Rain, my magic is in nature.  My mother was a lover of nature and taught me and my sister, not only to be aware of it, but to love it and nurture it.  I have an eye for nature thanks to her ... I see things others don't even notice.  If times are hard, as they are now, I can find solace in a quiet place surrounded by the soft breeze, the smell of wild flowers and the songs of birds even those who's song lacks music.  
When times are good, I seek it out in many different ways, the smell of rain, the star studded sky, the moon in all of it's stages and especially as it reflects off a body of water.  Even my blog name gives homage to the fact that all natural life is made possible by the energy from the sun.  So needless to say, I have many magical world pictures to share.  I will try to pick out some favorites, but I will miss some and run across them later and be disappointed I didn't get to share them with you.  But for now ...A Magical world it is!

This last picture ventures from nature a bit, but as we rescued the mother cat from outside and she gave birth to her babies in our closet, it was a natural event and a magical time for my family.  Two of these kittens we kept ... they are Da Boyz (Chachi & Fonzi)that have shared their loving ways with us for 15 years.  We just found out that one of them has cancer and his days are numbered ... so nature isn't always kind, but we will love him until the end and he will have had a good life. 

                                    Mystical Magical Night 
I have so many pictures in my computer it is almost embarrassing, and, believe it or not, in finding my pictures for today I only made it through about one third of them. You may have seen some of them before but, to me, they are worth repeating.  Hope you are all still safe and doing well ...

Andrea @ From the Sol