Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Fabulous Blogger Ribbon

The Fabulous Blogger Ribbon

I have had the uncanny pleasure of having this award passed on to me by two bloggers at the same time.  In light of this and because of the amount of time it takes to comply with the rules, I am choosing to  combine the two awards and to say thank you to each of my     generous givers with an equal amount of appreciation for their thoughtfulness. 

I first received the award from McGuffy Ann of McGuffy's Reader      
McGuffy is an avid reader and writer of book reviews.    She can create magic with her words and her reviews are always titillating in that they can excite your interest in any book.  I also look forward to her blog because she is a committed animal advocate who  provides important information on protection and care of animals and she delights her readers with the LOL Cat Cartoons to which she seems to be privy to an endless supply.  Thank you McGuffy Ann ... it is always a pleasure to have you in my corner.

I then received the award from Denise Moncrief @ Suspense, She Writes.     
 Denise has just recently published an anthology with Liv Rancourt, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.  Denise is a writer of romantic suspense stories, is an avid reader, writes reviews and interviews and with all of this going on in her head, puts out a most interesting and fun blog.  I am flattered that she saw, in my blog (which is very different, focusing on pictures rather than words) something worthwhile.  Thank you Denise.  I will continue to enjoy following you in your busy productive life.

The Rules:
1. Post The Rules
2. Name five of your most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere.
3. Name five Things you love.
4. Name five Things you hate.
5. Pass the Ribbon on to five other bloggers (Leave them a comment to notify them of their win).

2. Name five of your most fabulous moments either in real life or in the blogosphere.
*  Watching my Father receive his Doctor's Degree at the University when I was ten years old.
*  Watching my Mother play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz at the University Faculty Players Annual Play.
*Getting Married to my Husband, Dave.
*  Giving birth to each of my two children.
*  More recently, the first time I held a Raptor on my glove at the Raptor Rehab Center.

3.  Name 5 Things You Love.
*All of my family
*All of my pets
*  Certain of my Friends
* The honesty of Nature
*My Country as it once was ... I know, it sounds like the old cliche "in the Good Old Days", but this time, to me, it is true.

4. Name 5 Things You Hate.
*  I hate the idea of "hate" and that I can feel it in my heart about certain things.
*  I hate that we seem to have lost our way in a Country that has so much promise.
*  I hate lies ...
*  I hate pain ... especially in the helpless.
*  I hate indifference.

5.  Pass The Ribbon on to Five Other Bloggers.
Many of the blogs that I follow are "no award" blogs so this rule is particularly difficult to comply with.  So, as I believe that an award should be given from the heart and not taken lightly, I am only passing this on to two of my co-bloggers.  These two women have spiced up my life by their honesty, humor and insight every day.  I pass the award on to them in hopes that some of my followers will get the chance to visit and enjoy them as I have ...

1. Edna B. @ Miss Edna's Place      Edna and I just met recently.  I am not even sure how we happened across each others blog, but I have become an avid fan.   Edna is a jack of all trades, so to speak, but her greatest gifts are  her insightful commentary on day to day things and her wonderful photos.  I learn, I chuckle, I feel, I admire as I read her daily journal ... You should stop to see her, she is a great read.

2.  Jeanne @ Butterfly Tales: Metamorphosis from the Cocoon.         
Jeanne's passion is photography, but in reality she is a story teller.  Her photos are wonderful, but her stories take you right into the picture as if you were really there.  She is so honest when she writes that I don't think she realizes how good she really is.  She has amazed me over and over.    Do stop in to see her, you won't be sorry ...              


  1. Congratulations on your awards!

  2. Wow, I'm honored. Thank you so much for this award. Now I have some thinking to do about how to answer the questions, and of course to pass it along. I also want to visit the other blog. I think we met through Photo Art Friday, but either way, I'm so glad we did meet. Your photos brighten my days. Again, thank you so much, and you have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Congratulations on two most deserved awards. Every picture tells a thousand words and some of yours a great deal more than that...

  4. Andrea! You are awesome and definitely deserved this award twice. It is so interesting reading your post with the information about you... so honest, and how fun to read things about our friends in the blogosphere! I am so honored that you have passed this along to me too, and will take some time this week to do my own post on this! Am so enjoying getting to know you! Have a wonderful day!!!!