Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Selections

This Sunday I am focusing on Flying Flowers (Butterflies and  Moths).  We haven't had many this year because it is so hot and dry.  I don't know if they didn't survive the heat or if they had the sense to go elsewhere, but the few that have been around are still beautiful.  Enjoy ...


       Hawk Moth
This moth, at a distance, is often mistaken for a humming bird because they hover and because of the wing blur.

Yellow Swallowtail

Luna Moth


  1. I adore all moths and butterflies. Our common brown butterfly is very similar to your Monarch and it was once as common as its name suggested but now with the combination of pesticides and predation by an introduced European wasp it is on the endangered list. Which is so sad. I plant patches of blue flowers here because the butterflies seem to like the blue flowers the best.

  2. These are really lovely. I'm rarely able to get so close to insects, they see me coming and take off. There aren't many around here anyway.

  3. True, the drought is not agreeable with even insects. Thank you for sharing these. I like the hawk moth. Interesting.