Thursday, July 19, 2012

Photo Art Friday

At first I was a little perplexed by the prompt, then it came to me that I do a lot of pictures with light because I am addicted to capturing things being bathed in sunlight.  So, I have picked a few of my favorites for today's post.

Original ...

I tried using textures on this one, but I seemed to keep losing the look I wanted so I took it over to Foto Flexer, used Lomoish, film grain and added a frame.  Maybe, when I gain more experince with the textures, I will be able to do more.

This time I took him to "BE FUNKY"  a new editor I found on line.  I used a
cross process, then added the "featured effect"( what ever that was) then cartooner and finally a grunge frame.  Not what I would ever have expected to do with this picture (which I love), but I think it turned out rather fun.  :)

Original ... A spider web in the woods with a beam of sunlight coming through the trees.  It is like God shinning a spotlight on the miraculous work of the spider.

This one I took over to Pic Monkey and did the daguerreotype under frames.

Here I added pdpa Green Glaze then took it to Pic Monkey effects, cross process and boost.  A film edge for a frame ...

I took one more shot with the Spider Wed on Be Funky... effects Pop Art, then a basic border at 56%.

original ...

This may be my favorite ... I added pdpa elevate at 53%, then PS dry brush. Took it to Pixr-O
-Matic effects, cross process, antonio.  Frame, drop shadow and basic border.

I hope you aren't bored yet because I have one more effort.  This is a Dumbo cookie jar that I set on the floor in the sunlight. 

In PS I added pdpa blue chiffon, used the magic eraser to splotch it then the filter Cut Out.  Took it to Be Funky for a drop shadow and basic border frame.

And finally (a sigh of relief ), In PS I added pdpa Lavender Halo at 55%.  Used the eraser to remove it from the Dumbo, then added the filter Sumi-e.  Be Funky for the Postage Frame.

Didn't mean to get carried away ... hope you were able to find something you liked among these.  I look forward to seeing all of your posts. :)


  1. Andrea I really like all of these, but am especially amazed by this spider web. These can be really difficult to capture this well. ( of course your kitty photos are also beautiful, with such a gorgeous model! Fun getting "carried away" I also can never stop at one, or two, or 5 shots even. Don't seem to be able to chose, so post them all! Part of the fun!

  2. My goodness - so many beautiful light effects and so many varied editing techniques applied. I'm impressed! Love those Be Funky effects. I'll have to check out that site. Thanks for sharing your work with Photo Art Friday, Andrea.

  3. Loved the spider web in the sunlight, but my favourite is the Dumbo cookie jar. So cute.

  4. Such great shots and what fun you had!! And they're fun for me to look at and what terrific "funky" effects! I love the orange cat and the spider web in particular -- the original and the funky! Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  5. the are all fantastic! so many times I've tried to take a decent shot of a spider web and was never able to take anything near as good as yours!

  6. Wow you really did a bang up job with all the different effects.
    I loved the Original Spiderweb shot and the last edit of it in the red colors.
    My favorite is your Kitty Shot, What a lovely cat.
    Also like the last edit of the cookie jar.

  7. Great job with these! I love the spider web!

  8. Interesting. Glad you are having fun playing with pictures!

  9. I love pictures that capture the effects of light and shadow, especially in black and white. The way you've experimented with different effects is interesting. My favorite is the spider web.

    BTW I've left a gift for you on my blog. Stop by the post titled Fabulous Blogger Award at!

  10. I'm in love with Dumbo. That is the cutest cookie jar ever.

  11. The spider web in the sunlight is very cool. I also like the lovely cat edit - the one after the web.

  12. Wow I am impressed with all the different effects. Great. Valerie

  13. Wonderful work! The spider webs are my favorites!

  14. I'm glad you got carried away, because I enjoyed seeing all of them! The spider web ones were especially striking...and I also loved Dumbo. Thank you so much for the very kind comment you left on my blog post - I truly appreciate it! Have a great weekend~~ :)

  15. Wow, great photos. What a beautiful kitty model. I have to agree though, that you did a wonderful job with the spider web. I also think your Dumbo is terrific! Thank you for sharing.

  16. Good processing! Nice photos.

  17. you have a magical touch!!!!!!!!!!!
    Awesome art!