Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our World Tuesday

Once again we are in Rosenlaui, Switzerland, but this time we are going to follow the sign pointing to Rosenlaui Falls.

We are hiking up a mountain side along side the beautiful stream that becomes increasingly more steep as we go.

There is always time to stop and get a picture of good friends ...

The higher we get, the more dramatic the falls become ...

And suddenly we found ourselves in a tunnel ... (some of you might recognize this picture).

And, as we exit the tunnel we are in a steep sided canyon that has been carved out by the stream we are following.  If you look closely on the right side about half way up, you can see a fence along the path we will be following ...
This is looking back ...

Looking forward ...

And here I am looking straight up at the little bit of an opening above ... claustrophobic anyone?

Gradually it starts to open up ...
 Until we come to an opening at the top and a beautiful garden of Cairns (rock trail markers built by people who have been here before us)

Barb and I attempted one, but found it to be much more difficult than it looked and as our guides were moving on without us, we gave up on it :)

Now the trail led us back down the mountain side ...

It was a memorable experience ... one that, once again, we have our wonderful Swiss friends to thank for.


  1. Amazing - that is SO my kind of hike. I'm jealous but so thrilled you shared the photos and writings for us!

  2. WOW! What wonderful scenery you had all along the tract. The waterfalls and power of the water rushing down are fantastic.

  3. What an awesome trip!! And your captures are fantastic, Andrea!! I do love waterfalls and this one is magnificent!! Thanks so much for sharing the adventure and the beauty! Hope your week has had a great start!!

  4. Dramatic scenery. I see that you had a great time while in Switzerland.

  5. Wow, wow and wow again. Thank you so much for this explosion of beauty.

  6. Wow!!! My goodness...what a wonderful trek you shared with us Andrea. Everything...just everything is so beautiful, awe inspiring, and breathtaking.

    Love the tunnel...I bet it was a lot cooler inside...right?

  7. Your hike was amazing. Having the tunnel to go through just adds to the fun of the experience.

  8. wow that would be a grand experience. thanks for sharing.

  9. That was quite an experience, a very narrow pass through.

  10. I have to agree with everyone. These photos are just awesome! I'm so glad you could make this hike and climb, so that you could share all this beauty with us. I could never have gone in that tunnel. Too close for me, but I must say that the scenery all around is simply breathtaking.

    Wayne came by last night and fixed the problem on my laptop, and now I can happily see and read all the print on my screen again. Gosh, I'd be lost without him and my son in law Eddie.

    The photos of the Great Crested Grebe are wonderful. I've never seen one them before. I would love to have seen it while it was carrying a baby on its back.

    We're supposed to have us a warm day today, and then back to the cooler temps. This weekend is supposed to be very cold and wet, so Pogo and I may not be able to take our ritual Halloween ride. I don't want us catching colds and getting sick. I've had my flu shot, but Pogo hasn't.

    Well, now I'm off to catch up on the rest of my blog reading. You and Izzi have a fantabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  11. you´ve been to a beautiful country, clearly visible in your shots. I´ve only been there once in my youth.

    My OWT is from down under. :)

  12. Fabulous photos of this gorgeous walk!

  13. That is a gorgeous waterfall but on my that trail looks to be scary to me.