Monday, October 20, 2014

NF Inspiring Photography ... Catching the Light

Catching the Light
Climbing through a small canyon near Rosenlaui, Switzerland.  Much of the pathway was tunnels cut through the canyons edge.


  1. What a great capture of light. I would be a bit claustrophobic in those tunnels. I have to say though, that your owl images are wonderful. You did a great job of editing and combining the two images. Very nice.

    We are back into the cooler temps here with possibly a Nor'easter coming this week. Brrr, Autumn is definitely here. I will say though that the foliage is just beautiful. Every street we go down is a treat to the eyes.

    I was watching one of the shopping channels yesterday and got quite a shock. There are only nine more weeks to finish up our Christmas shopping (and creating). Wow, the time is slipping right on by me. Thank goodness I start my shopping and craft projects so early, because I would never get done in time. On that note, I'd best get back to my yarn. lol. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. looks rather scary but a nice capture

  3. Looks as if this was a great place to explore on your recent trip. Love the light capture!

  4. Cool -- a silhouette in a tunnel! Looks like a scene out of a mystery novel.
    Nice shot, Andrea.

  5. Very dramatic and interesting light. But also scary, Andrea. Were you a bit nervous? I would have been. ...and what was at the end of the tunnel;)

    1. More pathways and more tunnels as we climed up through this very narrow canyon. It was a bit scary, but also very awesome ... I will be posting pictures soon.

  6. Nice shot - rather Hobbitish!

    Banks - rob us blind, them beg for help! What not to love!!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne (who may be having 'word verification' issues on his blog!!)

  7. so symbolic! The light at the end of the tunnel! :)

  8. Neat effect - gives a new meaning of "go toward the light"