Monday, October 13, 2014

NF Inspiring Photography

Our house faces east so, though we get a beautiful sunrise, the sunsets are at our back (which we cannot see because there are too many trees).  But Nature ingratiates us with a pink sky in the east when there is a beautiful sunset going on behind us.  

And though I missed the Blood Moon Eclipse, I did catch The Hunter's Moon in the pink sky ...
Wishing you yet another wonderful week ...


  1. I always check the sky behind me when I am looking at a sunrise or a sunset, so I can see these reflections!!
    Your fist image is gorgeous, with the ripples in the water of the reflection of the moon!

  2. hm, I actually thought the first image was ennough. It made me stop to take another look. It is captivating. :)

  3. Very pretty moon with the pink sky. I'm never awake for the sunsets and too lazy to step outside for the sunsets.

  4. One of the reasons I love the autumn moons - the sun setting as the moon rises gives it such definition. Love the shots!

  5. Nice! Love moon shots♪

  6. Moon-rise too! :)
    Lovely images, both.