Wednesday, October 15, 2014

NatureFootstep Abstract

In the beginning there was a little seed pod ...

  So what happened?

A little here and a little there ... 

And things keep changing ...

Until ...
The End ...


  1. what looks like the seed pod went for a ride on a roller coaster!!
    Cool effects!

  2. Oh---I love it and thanks for showing your steps. No one could guess what the original image was. And if kept getting more colorful, too.

  3. Well I am laughing. These are wonderful. It was fantastic to see what you started with. Now I would have stopped at number 4 before the E shaped one. Number 4 is brilliant, has great depth and looks more stable. (just my opinion)

  4. it is always a pleasure to see what you made of your first images. I love this. My favourites is the first one and the last one. But all are nice. A great serie. :)

  5. all the forms♪