Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mandarin Orange Monday

I apologise ... when I went back to pull up these pictures, I realized that I had not saved many of the steps in the process, so you will have to use your imagination  to figure out where all of this came from.  I can tell you that I have a fascination with brake lights.  They seem to be a very important design item to the auto makers.  Each model has a different light pattern and if you can catch them on in the right light ... well, they are just cool.  

Of course somewhere in here before I started playing, I have orangified the light. Then ...

Not fully satisfied, I have added a flower to the mix which was also orangified before it was able to participate :)

Mixing, swirling, lighting, stretching ... one would never know that a rose is a rose is rose, right?

I ended with this ... I see a clear image of something that is not quite timely, but soon to be so ... What do you see?
If you see nothing, that's okay too ... Art can be what you want it to be.

Happy MOM everyone ...


  1. These are fantastic. Gosh, now you mix to shots together, what will you be doing next I wonder. I love seeing all your experiments. it is such fun and I am grateful you showed us what you started with. More meaning (for me anyway) that way. Hope you got my email and were able to see the monkey video and also the Snow Leopard today. The video embedded today for me so hopefully they have fixed things now.

  2. Terrific manipulations! Really like your end results♪

  3. Me too, I had so much fun with the editing that I also forgot to record the stages - love your results though!
    Wren x

  4. So which has won - the machine or nature:)? Andrea I love what you have done...lately you have had so much movement in your work - flowing happy movement. I hope this reflects your mood:) My favourite is the second and the last. I will be watching break lights (as you might be looking at chairs!) this week. Thanks again for being part of MoM and for your comments. I always enjoy reading them:)

  5. My goodness... I see a whole bunch of ghost pumpkins, a butterfly or fairy and an old man watching.
    Break lights are a perfect start for something abstract like this. Nice job.

  6. Wow may I just say you have one very creative mind. I loved that you took something as ordinary as a tail light and turned it into amazing art. I loved them. I think I spotted a Turkey in that last shot.

  7. Thanks Ida for your kind words ... we do have the turkey in common as that is the first thing I saw when I finished the picture. Good eye :)


  8. Sorry, I don't see the turkey (and I did try) but I do see something large lying on the ground near a tree trunk. There are fallen leaves lying about on the ground.

    I love the shot of the brake light. I used to be able to tell the make and year of a car by looking at it's tail lights, but not so anymore. At some point, all the car makers seemed to use very similar lights. Now, though, they are bringing back individual personalities in their lights.

    I'm running on very little gas here, so I think I'll turn in early tonight. You have a wonderful night, hugs, Edna B.