Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mandarin Orange Monday

If you want music while you are looking at the pictues ... go to the bottom first and click on the Video:)

I started out in my kitchen and zeroed in on a colander of peppers ... So the picture was aptly called :

That could have been good enough, but I never leave good enough alone so I began by adding a background and then minipulating the peppers   I call this

As I continue to work with it, I start seeing things in it and, to be honest, that is my goal ... So I call this

By putting it on a black background and rotating it, I finally find what I am looking for ...

More Faces

Just Imagine

What is here is for us to see by using our imagination.  It will be different for each of you which makes it your creation as well as mine ... that is what I love about art.  It is what you want it to be :)

Happy MOM
and Welcome Back, Lori 

And, in answer to your question Lori ...
Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2


  1. You have such a great mind for abstracts. Do you paint? I can just imagine what you'd come up with. But, it is nicer to do with Photoshop and much less brushes to clean and paint to wipe up.

    1. You have it right my Queen. No mess painting, that's the life. I have done some painting, but I try to do it in a class or something where the supplies and mess are somebody elses problem :) My mother and sisiter were the artists in our family and I just avoided it, for the most part, because they had talent and I didn't ... so I get my jolly's playing on photoshop. Thanks for stopping by ...


    2. How very wrong you are. You are an artist with oodles of talent - just in a different medium. I am always awed at your creations, and your artist's eye.

  2. That was a lot of fun. I like orange peppers, but since they are expensive only get one at a time.

  3. Thanks Andrea - it is nice to be back - and I was very lucky to be able to have a special little holiday too.
    As you for your work - "amazing" comes to mind....first - we both did a still life - second... the way you progressed to abstract and then the last - linear one - which uses similar techniques to one of mine. I enjoyed looking at your art and listening to your music too:) I was expecting it to be a Hungarian Rhapsody that we used to sing at school ("who could live a life so free....." but it was entirely unknown to me until the towards the end and if felt like dancing. I recognised that part. Did you listen to it while you were working? Did you get faster and faster? :) I can see you working on the last one then. Hard to pick a favourite.. I see them as one artwork I think. And yes, I do see faces;) Thanks Andrea, for sharing with MoM:)
    And...are you back from Switzerland? I hope you had/are having a great time...and look forward to seeing your pics - and what you do with them.

    1. I am a bit slow in responding, but yes, I am back from Switzerland and Yes, I listened to the music as I played with my art. I love to listen to music. I find it inspires me, relaxes me ... adds joy to my life as does my art. The best part is being able to do them both at the same time which I do often ... and not always classical. I seem to be able to get lost in all kinds of music (except maybe heavy metal, which is not so relaxing :) Thanks for asking, Lori ...


  4. I just read your response to The Queen Jester's ARE an artist!

  5. Wonderfull abstract and colors, greeting from Belgium.

  6. Coloured food is meant to be good for you they say! Eat these and I'll be an olympic athlete!

    I do love the trade mark cat - and H put an animal of some sort on the window as well, but it was rather smudged! But I still got into trouble for not photographing it as well!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. very cool...this should be for a Lime" theme too...I just love the lime colour in the colander!!

  8. I will have to agree that your talent is awesome!! Your creativity is mind boggling. I just love how you progressed from the colander of peppers to the final image. BYW, I love peppers. I found the music video both enjoyable and informative. I did not recognize the music until it got near the end.

    I have spent the last hour trying to photograph the new green afghan and have the color come out the way it should. "Glowworm" green is just not an easy color to photograph. However, I did finally end up with something I could post tomorrow.

    Pogo finally ate a meal, and so far has not brought it back up. Hopefully, this means that whatever bug he may have had has worked its way out of him. Gosh, I surely hope so.

    Well, it's getting close to 5 p.m., and now I have to find something tasty for our supper. At the moment, Pogo is busy barking at someone out in the house. Yup, I think he is feeling a bit better. Super!!

    You and Izzi have a fabulous evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  9. Such cool♪

  10. it is so fun to see where you are going with the images. From start to the end it is unrecognicable. :) But I love it. Some day you should print an entire serie and hang them in order on a wall. :)