Friday, March 28, 2014

Smile It's the Weekend

Hi, Badger Boos ... I is patiently waitings ...

Still waitings ...

(sighs under her breath)
Yes, Badger Boos, I is still waitings ... my peoples is always so busy :(

Oh, I hears something ...

I gets by the doors just in case ...

YES!  Smiles, Badger Boos, I is going outsides to plays!
Hopes your weekend is funs!


  1. You are a very patient dog, Izzy. Just think of how much more you appreciate and enjoy being outside when it happens....waiting is good.

  2. So glad you finally got to go outside and play in the fresh air. Pogo is still waiting. I have to find a different type of harness for him because he has figured out how to climb out of the one he has. He is in between sizes. Too big for X Small, and too small for Small. I may just have to put a tuck in the one he has. The nice weather is beginning and I want to let him run around outside. You have fun today, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Stella will have to check this out. She needs to meet Badger Boo, and share her life as a trucker. *wink*

  4. I knows all abouts the waiting Izzi it goes on and on doesn't it? But we has to be so patient to get what we wants, your photos are lovely you are soooo photogenic **swoons**

    Thank you for joining in with this week's Smile it's The Weekend always such a joy to see what you've been up too.

    Hopes you has a pawsome weekend.

    Badger Boo xxxxx

  5. Hello Stella **waves paw** yes pop over and say Hello, just click on the Smile it's the Weekend badge at the top of Izzi' s post to get to my blog and it will tell you all abouts how to join in. Hope to meet you soon xx

  6. Poor Izzi. Your people are sooooo cruel to a patient long suffering pooch.

  7. Nelson ( Admiral Nelson) understands your ennui completely! He's a tabby who only gets to go out every 30 minutes all day long! What is wrong with this people? Selfish, I say!

  8. I know da feeling momsy kept me waiting for 4 hours yesterday...just because she wanted to go to a quilt show..