Friday, March 21, 2014

Smile It's The Weekend

I knows you are wonderings, Badger Boos, why I has a green bows in my hair.  I could tell you it was because St.Patricks Day was on Monday, which it was, buts that is not why I has a green bows in my hair.  I has a green bows in my hairs because I gots a bath (finally ... I was getting so I couldn't evens stand myselfs).  My Mom takes me to the Barker Shops for my baths and they dos a real nice job ... Buts, for some reason they thinks they has to dress me ups when they sends me homes.  I means I already looks like a bigs fluff balls when I gets a baths.  So the scarf and bow ... that is the insults to injuries.  Peoples just don't make sense to me alls the times.

But, I knows I can tells you abouts it and you will understands ... So glads you are my friends, Badger Boos.
 You can smiles because it's the weekends, but don'ts be smiling at the bow in my hairs :)


  1. Awwwww! So cute even with the fluffy and the gorgeous bows. At least your mommy does not dress you up in little dresses! Believe me, our mommy does some awful things to us, and the bows would not even be noticed!

  2. You always need to wear a bit of the green for St Paddy's Day Izzy! Just go with it.

  3. Aww. Bow? What bow? I am just admiring your beautiful hair and eyes. And that smile.

  4. You is looking pawsome after your bath sweet IZzi **swoons** At least they didn't give you PINK bows!!!

    I knows how you feel but it keeps the hoomums happy for some reason **resigned sigh** so long as its only once in a while its ok I think you looks bootiful, bows or no bows.

    Thank you for linking up with Smile its the Weekend.


  5. Stella likes her bow and bandanna, but I think she is just amazed at the pampering. You look marvelous!

  6. Very cute Izzi...
    Love Stewie

  7. Izzi, I think you're beautiful with or without the bows and scarf. Besides, green looks good on you. When my mom gets cold she puts a shirt or sweater on me. When she is warm, she takes my shirt off. Imagine that!! Big woofs and licks, Pogo B.