Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mandarin Orange Monday

I am starting out with a cropped out poster edges version of a piece of yarn art.

Then I rotated, used the selection brush to chose a section and then used the distort filter/polar coordinates.

Inverse the selection and use distort/shear filter

Add pdpa (oragified) Sky Love texture and reduce opacity.  Then use mask/brush to highlight some areas.

Add pdpa Sky Love Texture again at an angle and reduce opacity.

Filter Gallery/ Water color

Using color from pdpa Sky Love, created back ground. Added third and sixth version.  Shaped to fit the way I wanted and merged.

Filter/Adjustment/Gradient Map
Does this have meaning? ... only in the eyes of the beholder.  It is simply a process, an experiment led by artistic expression.  Hope you enjoyed the ride ...

Happy MOM!


  1. I loved the ride. And am in awe. Again.
    Though I suspect that, this time, I like the early versions with texture AND colour better.

  2. Great serie, a perfect MOM post!

  3. Thanks for sharing the steps for all the versions! I like the effect of the flieter/watercolor and the bottom part of the final version-reminds me of a block print of ocean waves

  4. thanks for the ride :) I sure loved it. I even picked out a fvorite, no 4 from the top. :)

  5. What a fantastic progression Andrea.. and i was interested to read how you did it. The second one reminds me of lots of wriggling worms (nice happy orange ones, of course!). My favourites are the third and fourth ( I bet you guessed they would be:) ). I find the last one interesting too...meaning? hmm...merging of two realities? Thanks for sharing it on MoM and also for your comment. You were very lucky being able to hold a little joey - in Chicago of all places. It is good to be back Andrea...sorry for the delay getting back to you.