Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mandarin Orange Monday

I wasn't sure when you were coming back, but I was ready for you.  I have only one abstract for this week, but will start playing in orange again so I am more ready next week.  Great to have you back Lori ... hope your time away was self fulfilling :)
Happy Mandarin Orange Monday :)


  1. HI Andrea I love the movement in this one. Just wandering what the original shot was?

    1. Oh Margaret, I did this 5 weeks ago when Lori announced she was taking a break ... I honestly don't remember how I arrived at it. I will, I promise, start keeping track of my process so I can share with you. Like I said, a lot of it is just experimenting with the options (Enhance, filters, layers, face mask and blending, textures ). There are also internet sights that do have editing for free which offer different options ... I don't use them often, but sometimes they add interest to a piece. If I start writing it down and sharing it with you it will give you a place to start before you go off on your own. Thanks for stopping by ...


  2. very the canvas texture. I actually thought you had painted this when I first looked at it.
    I would love to know details about how you modify your photos too.

  3. I wondered what had become of this! Now I wonder what your picture was inspired by. This is always an interesting meme.

  4. What you have done is beautiful and full of harmony - a little restrained too...i like that very much. Thanks Andrea for waiting and thank you for your recent comments in my absence.