Friday, April 4, 2014

Photo Art Friday

Pixel Dust Photo Art

This weeks challenge is a Quirky Selfie ... and it can be anything you want (Bonnie's first mistake ... she opened the door to "anything")  As I thought about it, I realized, there are many mes.  So that is my theme today:

Many Mes

This is the retired me who foolishly thought that retirement meant rest and relaxation.  Today, almost 14 years into retirement, I am still struggling to fight my way through the "everythings" I have to do every day.  
I sometimes feel I am being swallowed up by my obligations (of my own making, of course) and can hardly get through it all.

This is the me that my family sees (even the pets).  No face, just a lens.  This is of course one of the mes I like the best, but can't say that is true of the people/pets on the other side of the lens.

This is the "Green" me ... nature lover, environmentalist and best of all Raptor Volunteer.  I love my fine feathered friends.

This is the me of the past ... Nursing was my second occupation.  After spending many years(before being a stay at home Mom) working for an International Consulting firm, doing much of the work while the men were paid most of the money, I went back to school to do what I really wanted to do ... be a nurse.  I don't know what took me so long to discover it, but I think it had to do with being ready to take on the enormous responsibility of the job ... people's lives.  (Do you remember those big, face consuming glasses ? :)

This is the me of the future ... if I believed in reincarnation (which I don't, but wish I could), I think I would want to come back as one of my fine feather friends.   Their life is hard, but they do a very important job helping keep the balance of nature.  Sadly man has screwed that up royally, but I could try to do my part.

It's a JOKE ... you are supposed to laugh!
(To the purists in the audience ... sorry for butchering the English grammar )


  1. Hey, fun post for the day!! I love it!! I'm already that "owly" old broad!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Great post! I loved see all the "you"s!

  3. So fun to see the many sides of you - such a creative way to attack this theme. The future you makes me giggle.

  4. Hubby and I are in the sane boat. We both volunteer for way too many things. We need to learn to say NO.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  5. What a fun post.
    There are a lot of me's as well. All crammed in to the one body (perhaps that is why the body is not sylph like).
    And HOW did I find time to go to work?

  6. I'm laughing!!! :) What a delightful post of selfies, Andrea! I feel privileged to meet some of the many 'yous' and especially the artist you that we get to meet here on your blog.

    Love all the editing treatments but if I had to pick a fav it would be the second, followed closely by the first.

    Now ... how did you insert those teeth in the owl?

  7. I shall have to learn how to do these pictures,I love them,& sorry,but I really cracked up about the glasses.I need to do a selfie of me with my mom`s glasses,they are the wing-tipped ones-that`s what I call them anyhow...Phyllis

  8. What a wonderful collection of the many yous. (that's mes backwards) I absolutely remember those large glasses. I had them too!! Sad to say, many of us women had to tend to other jobs and obligations before we were able to go after our dream jobs. All this while we tended to our families. Now I am in half-retirement, and wondering how in the world I managed to wear all the different hats in my life. I think your woman owl is pretty neat. Although I might like to come back as a tiny lap doggie, or maybe a bird. I'll have to think about this one for a bit. You have a fabulous evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  9. Love all your selfies and the stories that go with them.

  10. Hi Andrea. What a creative post and lovely yo meet the different you's. you certainly are great at editing your shots, I would not know where to start and nowadays I don't seem to have time to really sit down and fathom it all out. Have a great weekend.

  11. Well if your collection of selfies is not "quirky" then nothing is. You did have some fun, didn't you. The first one is my favourite . . . love the colour scheme.

  12. What a fun take on the meme. I, too, was tempted to make a collage of the different mes, but then had a change of mind. Good job!

  13. Alles sind tolle Bearbeitungen, aber..
    Die Eule ist der Hammer !
    Super gemacht.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  14. An interesting perspective on the many women we all are. I can totally relate to the overwhelming sense of all those things to do...and what to do first! Not the slow paced life I envisioned, but we're getting better at taking a day off here and there to recover.

  15. Wonderful post, it was nice meeting all the different sides. My fav. would be the second. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Jen

  16. love love love these!! such a treasure and so nice to "see" so many aspects of YOU. in my mind you are just a big heart with a warm and welcoming smile. Now I have other "faces" to put with that heart and smile!