Friday, April 25, 2014

Smile It's the Weekend

Good Mornings, Badger Boos.  This weeks I will do a quicks review of my weekends in Ohios ... I knows I has done this befores and I don'ts want to be  redundants, so I will just hits on some of the highlights. 

My first highlights is more of a low lights ... I is saying :Heys, lets me out of heres ... why can'ts I ride in the fronts like Shelbys?
Shelbys in the fronts seat ...

This is "D" ... shes the ones who lets Shelbys sits in the fronts seat.  But, she lets us rides in her cars so we can goes to Ohios so thats okays.  "D" has deeps pockets and she always has treats in thems ... I loves "D" :)
We is offs on the roads agains for a longs drives and I is sleepins'.

We finally gets there and yeps, there it is ... my beds, in my homes away from homes.  

The first things we dids was takes a nice longs walk with "D" and Dash.  Looks at this picture ... does it look likes there is no ends to this roads?  Well, there is, because we founds it ... 

We saws some neats stuffs ... like this bigs herd of deers ...

My Moms spotted a Meadows Lark ...

Then this bigs Turkeys Vulture came swoopings down by us and landed in the fields.  My Moms said he has founds somethings deads to eats ... I thinks that is so cools, I wonder if he would lets me rolls in it before he eats it.  

Finally it was that dreaded times when my Moms leaves me alones to go eats with the other peoples.  I guess I don'ts minds because she brings me goods things when she comes back.  This nights it was livers, yumm!

Next days we goes to the fairgrounds for the agility trials.  It is really colds and I is lovins it, but the peoples is all grumblings abouts how colds it is.  They builts a tents and puts a heaters in it ... Peoples are really funnys.

The nice things abouts the tents is it has a treats tables in it ... sometimes I cans gets my Moms to shares her treats ... I loves food :)

Then I hears this bigs commotions ... they are sayins "Moya rans over her Moms in the cars" ... and they are all laughings.  I am thinkings OMGS, what will we dos.   Poor Moya's Moms.  Buts it turns out they was just jokings ... and I fells for it:(

Everyones is always happys on this trips ... we has a greats times ...

Yes, its times for some agilitiys pictures ... this is Moya.  She loves to tease her Moms on the contacts :)

This is our illustrious leader, "C" and Magick, who is really magic on the course.  Poor "C", she teaches and teaches my Moms and well ... sometimes it just doesn't happens.  But we all has funs :)

This is "MA" and Max ... she helps "C" at the agility schools and sometimes teaches us when "C" can'ts be there.  We loves "MA" too ...

For a littles guy, Max can really flys ...

"T" is our Juniors Handler.  She is reallys goods and she is even ables to runs other peoples dogs ... like Bailey (who isn't here this weekends) and mes ... yes, she even rans mes.

Rubys Tuesday is "Ts" dog ...

This is "D" and Dash ... Dash is an awesomes Aussie (likes mes, of course) and he is becomings a greats agilitys dogs. 

Of course, it was outs to dinners agains withouts mes ... These peoples look likes they is havins too much funs :)

And looks ... "T" found mys picture on Facebooks ...

And my Moms cames home with steaks ... Double Yums!

When we come out the next mornings there were some peoples with their Coons Dogs.  They were having some kinds of a trial at the Fair grounds too.  It was fun ... I had never mets a Coons Dog before.

When we got backs to the fair grounds, the judge was setting up the courses ... here we goes again :) Nice shirt, judge :)

This is Jims and Hollys ... they is in my skills class.  We is good friends.  Hollys has some great skills and Jims gives me treats too ... I loves Jims :)

Near the ends of the days, my Moms pulled a muscles in her legs so she asked "T" to runs me for Tunnelers.  I wasn't sure abouts that.  My jobs is to takes care of my Moms and how cans I dos thats if I am nots with hers.

 I wents because Agility is also my jobs and I likes "T" ... Buts, I hads a plans.  I rans as fast as I coulds ...

and when I gots to the right sides ...

I went over and checked on my Moms ... she was still theres , so

I finished my jobs, ran through the last tunnels, out of the rings and down the little roads to my Moms ... Phews, now my Moms and I are safes again.  

This is the whole gangs, includings the judge and the peoples who puts on the trial.  These people laughs and smiles a lots ... Moms says that's healthys,  I says it's just funs:)  So that's its, Badger Boos ... Another greats weekends in Ohios.


  1. GREAT PHOTOS!!! Izzi girl, you get prettier every day! It surely looks like this was a fun weekend. Andrea, I hear you had a wonderful visit with the Queen J and Pete. I am so glad for you. They are such nice folks. Did you get to see See More? I'll bet it's even prettier than the photos. Today, I'm hoping to get a few things done in the garden because we have a couple days of rain coming in. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Love that you look after your Mom. And it looks like you had a HEAP of fun. Which is wonderful.

  3. Quite a weekend! I am glad you had fun. Stella loves trucking like you do agility. It is always fun to get out, and do and see new things.

  4. Wow Miss Izzi you sure look like you was having a fabulous time, and some pawsome photos of everypawdy too. We are away in our House on Wheels at the moment having a pawsome time.

    Thank you for linking up with Smile its the weekend, just to let you know,I had to edit your link as the URL was incorrect.

    Hope you have a pawsome weekend xxxx

  5. Stewie here: great blog post that shows all your fun this weekend.
    Me, I have to be wearing booties outside all the time since it is pure mud in my backyard which my humans don't like getting in the house. I don't understand!! All embarrassed.....

  6. Wow! You are a fast doggy! We saw you were pretty but our Mom wouldn't let us go for a walk with you and Stella....bummer. I would have enjoyed that, George...not so much. We love your agility tunnels, they are much larger than our one little hot pink tunnel of doom...we are a bit jealous here. George was snickering at your comment on the "doughboy" shirt, we both thought this was very funny. We didn't know the Pillsbury doughboy did this kind of thing, we've only ever seen him in commercials. Does he really laugh like that? Gracie and George PS: by the way - do I get any royalties on your photo of me in the window?