Friday, April 11, 2014

Smile It's the Weekend

Joins Badger Boo on his blog post here
Oh no, it't that dish that makes it hards for me to gulps my foods ...

I see the signs, Badger Boos ... likes today she was trying ons my backpacks for long walks  ...

I keeps telling her I is nots a packs horse ... and she says "Its goods exercise ..."

And, I hears her talkings on the phones to her friends ... she says things like "Pudgie", Roly Polys and Fats ...

The paw writings is on the walls, Badger Boos ... no more shopping trips ...

Soons there will be a locks and chain on my treats box ... It's happenings, Badger Boos
She's puttings me on a diets ... Oh nos, I can'ts bears it ... Helps me, Badger Boos ! She says she can'ts feels my ribs.  Well, goods, why woulds you wants to feels my ribs.  I don't wants to be skinnys.  I likes my square boxy look.  But then she says, you will gets too hots in the summers ... now, I dont's has an answer for thats ... hmmmm.  I don't likes getting hots.  Maybes I should listen to her.  Or, maybes she should cuts my hairs like your Mom does.  I thinks I'll go has a talks with her.  You has a wonderful weeks, Badger Boos ... sees you next Fridays :)



  1. Fun post to start my weekend!! I do miss my doggie, Sam, SO much!!!

  2. Poor, poor Izzi. You are sooooo cruel. And those 'bambi eyes' would (or should) melt anyone's heart.

  3. OMP How mean of Miss Andrea to puts you on a diet Miss Izzi, I be having strong words with her if I was you, you has my sympathy, my diet is now over as I'm back to being a lean and handsome fella again ready to make the ladies swoon this summer. You shouldn't go getting hair cut I think it wouldn't look right COS you is meant to have a beautiful long coat, to keep you warm and cool.

    I was a show dog for a few years and used to regularly have my coat hand stripped, trimmed and primped to death for showing, some of us just aren't allowed to keep our natural locks to fit in with the stupid breed standard! I gets clipped now COS it's quicker, I'm allowed to keep some of the feathering on my legs, tummy, chest and ears so I still looks like a Spaniel, luckily mummy hates the naked Spaniel look where they takes all the coat off, but my coat doesn't lay flat from all the clipping and it just grows curly wurly all winter BOL.

    I do like your backpack, very smart looking, but hoomans can be so rude abouts our weight can't they, my mummy needs to go on a diet more than I does I tell you.

    Thank you for linking up with this week's Smile it's the Weekend xxx

  4. Stella will walk with you. She feels bad that you feel bad. ~xo~

  5. So cute! Thanks for sharing adorable photos of him!

  6. Stewie says: Poor Izzi. I will save you...I will bring all my brothers sisters and cousins to rescue you...they can climb up anywhere and get your food for you, even open cupboard doors. I can tear that backpack off you(I am a chainsaw in disguise!). I stay cool in summer by laying on the cold air heating great(blocks air conditioning for my humans)

  7. Oh poor Izzi. I don't know about that backpack thing! I think your long hair is just beautiful and it will help to keep you cool in the summer. I think. I'm too small for a backpack, thank you very much! And she keeps feeding me dog food so there's no chance I'll get overweight any time soon. Yeesh! The things we have to put up with because of humans! I thought that was pretty mean putting all those chains on your treat box. If she doesn't take them off pretty soon let me know and I'll send you some. I'm wishing you a great day Izzi girl, licks and woofs, Pogo B.

  8. Izzi is hilarious, look at those sad, puppy dog eyes. How can you resist giving her treats.