Friday, May 18, 2012

Friendship Friday

Friendship Friday

Food For Thought
Weekends don’t count unless you spend them
Doing something completely pointless.
Bill Watterson
Question Of The Week
What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?
Do you have anything special planned for this weekend?
What are your favorite weekend activities?
Share your thoughts!

The only thing that happens at my house every weekend is Izzi's Agility Class.  I guess that defines my weekend, because I otherwise don't do weekends.  The fact is, I am retired ... every day is a weekend day now.  I can choose what I want to do (for the most part) and do it as long as I want (sort of) any day of the week.  The only time I consider weekends is when I am doing something with somebody who works and they are operating on the weekend.  

Izzi's Agility class is my favorite weekend activity.  We both love going to class together and we have some good friends there, both human and furry.  Some weekends we have Agility Trials which is what all of the class work is about.  Izzi goes out and does her thing (with me tottering along behind her) and we hopefully qualify for points toward a championship that probably won't happen in my lifetime.  The whole idea is to have fun ... and that is what we do. 

I do a lot of other things on my every day weekend days.  I love photography, so I go out whenever I can to wherever I can to take pictures of whatever I find.  Then I come home, download, sort, delete (I don't delete nearly enough according to my hard drive) and then make things or post things or print pictures, usually for other people.  I also like to dabble with my pictures ... being creative in ways as I play with them on Photoshop.  I posted some of my creations on Page 2 of my Blog that I am certain nobody has looked at ... hint, hint.  

I also love to garden, though I have admittedly gotten off to a slow start this year.  That is another of my weekend day activities.  I plant flowers that will attract different kinds of birds and butterflies.  This year I am planting a garden on my hill to attract the Monarch Butterfly ...  a Monarch Waystation, if you will,  to provide the nector and habitat necessary for them to reproduce successive generations to sustain their migration to California and Mexico.

I know there are many more things I stumble into as I look to fill my many weekend days, but for the purpose of today's Friendly Friday, I think I have said enough.  Enjoy your weekend ...   


  1. Oh DOG you have a busy weekend!!!! I love the weekends when they are unstructured and include a lot of cuddles and walks. This weekend it will be really sunny and perfect for everything! I hope you have a GRRRRR8 weekend. BTW, that is one of my Mommy #2's fave Neil Diamond songs.
    Love Noodles

  2. How cool with the agility classes!! I bet it is enjoyed immensely by you both indeed!


  3. Ahhhhh, the weekend and so much to do... Open Jam at the shop tonight. We open at 7 tomorrow and make coffee all day ...then at 3 we have a cartooning class... clean up and off to buy flowers to plant... followed by wine. Up bright and early Sunday, take Maggie and Gauge for a run and then take the top off my new Wrangler and let the wind blow through our hair while traveling little winding road somewhere ... not sure where... I Cherish My Sundays..... I am so thankful for my new truck and my life and my friend... like you Andrea... thanks. xo jules

  4. I am also retired. However, I have not got out of the habit of doing a big washing (strip the bed, change the sheets), ironing and cleaning. With sorties into the garden, time spent with the cats, reading,.....

  5. Never a dull moment at your house! *LOL*

  6. Hello Andrea, I am visiting here from McGuffy Ann's blog. This sounds like a wonderful way to spend your "weekends" to me! A Monarch butterfly waystation, what a wonderful thing to create! :-) I'll be heading over to look at your photos, McGuffy Ann tells me they're good! :-)