Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friendship Friday

Friendship Friday

Oh my, so many memories ... how do I zero in on just one. 

I think I will follow McGuffy Ann's lead and tell a story about the wonderful pets I grew up with. 
We had a pointer named Skip and a gray and white cat named Joe.  When I was a child the animals were allowed to run loose so they would come and go all day long.  But, at night they were home, sleeping at the foot of the bed or on the foot of the bed, in Joe's case.  They were wonderful pets and tolerant of all of the nonsense my sister and I put them through. 

I grew up in twin cities.  We lived in one city for 6 years then when I was going into Jr. High School, my parents moved to the other city.  I was devastated.  I had to leave all of my school friends and start all over in a new, strange place.  But, the decision was made and the move took place. 

We packed up Skip and Joe and headed across to the other town.  Once we were settled enough for us to be able to find our beds and settle in for the night, we realized Skip and Joe were nowhere to be seen.  We looked and called and no response.  We didn't know what to think.  That may have been the longest night of my young life.  The next morning my father drove back to our old house and there they were sitting on the porch.  They thought they were home ... it was a change they couldn't understand.  The next day we kept close tabs on them, but right around dinner time we realized they were gone again.  We all hopped in the car and went looking.  We followed the roads that we had taken and sure enough, about half way back to the old house, there they were, walking down the sidewalk together going back to what they were sure should be their home.   At that age, I guess it didn't occur to me how touching it was that they made this trek together , side by side , but that picture has stayed in my mind all of these years.   I think of them now when I see our Izzi playing with our cats ... who said "fight like cats and dogs".  Not in my  house.

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  1. What a lovely memory. I grew up with German Shepherds and cats. (and fish and birds). The Shepherds were consistently bullied by the cats who would dive under the dog's mouth to steal appetising morsels. They slept together in a pile of fur. When mama cat had kittens the dog was in heaven. She liked to pick them up and carry them round. Sometimes a head would appear from her mouth, sometimes a leg or two. After a while she would bring them back to their mother, and disgorge them, soggy, happy and completely unharmed.
    Sorry for such a long comment. You hit a nerve here.