Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friendship Friday

Old age provides a lot of surprises, some not so good.  Like, I have always been a blabber mouth, but now, sometimes when I am trying to say something, I can't retrieve the words I need.  That not only surprises me, it is frustrating.  A good surprise is when I run Izzi in agility and manage to make it through the whole course without a fault.  Memorizing the course and knowing which command and when to say it as well as having the right body positions (the dogs cue off of which way your feet are turned and what signals you are giving with your hands) all at the same time is no easy task.  I am surprised that my Old Poop brain allows me to do it. 

A more conventional surprise would be when my husband, who whittles with sticks to occupy his mind so he won't snack, made me a Christmas card out of his sticks.  It was awesome ...

He had given me a Christmas Tree made out of his sticks last year and this year he made a menorah.  I am not Jewish, but he said it was in honor of my acceptance of people of all races and religion.  I was very surprised and blessed that he saw that in me.   I hope it is true, but I never really thought about it that way.   That is why we have lived a good life together for 47 years.  It all comes from the heart.


  1. That is a post to make a woman's eyes leak. Well this woman anyway. I love the menorah and the sentiments behind it are amazing.
    Here's to the next 47 years.

  2. Your problem with retrieving your words when you need them, sounds like mine! The only difference is I not only forget the words, sometimes I have to actually stop talking because I get stuck on a word and the rest of my sentence ends up sounding like a mixed up tongue twister!

    Thank goodness my hubby understands me when this happens and comes to my rescue by finishing the sentence!

    It sure isn't easy getting old and this menopause crap is driving me nuts! ;)

  3. You & Dave are a pair, a matched pair, in need of each other. We are happy to be a part of you & have you in our lives.

  4. What a beautiful post, Andrea - your husband's work and the sentiment behind it are so awe-inspiring!

    Congratulations - you are this week's Featured Friend at Friendship Friday at Create With Joy! The theme for the week is Passion...

    I look forward to reading your post and I wanted you to know that I love Izzie & I always enjoy your beautiful photography on my visits!