Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wild Bird Wednesday

Driving home on the back roads we (my daughter- in- law and I) spotted a Turkey Vulture floating very low. As we watched he landed in a tree right by the road.  My Dil is from Thailand, so she had never seen a Turkey Vulture before.  We were both quite excited for different reasons.  My excitement stems from having a healthy respect for these birds as they keep our environment clean and free of disease causing bacteria.  And, having worked with them in a rahab facility, I know them to have a great deal of personality once they are habituated to humans.  As I am sure I have mentioned before, they are one of my favorite raptors.



  1. What a wonderful sight to see.
    Vultures are sadly underestimated, with an undeserved bad press.

  2. Would be good to work with these birds to get to know their characters.

  3. What a nice sighting for your dil! Love the shots!

  4. The are never going to win any beauty contests (who would?), but they are a really splendid bird - I have never had views this good of them.

    Working at the re-hab centre must let you see some remarkable birds close up.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne