Sunday, September 30, 2012

Your Sunday Best

 By last week the fall colors were starting in Wisconsin.  Down here, it seems like they have started and some are already losing their leaves.  I am assuming that the drabness down here is due to the drought.  These are pictures from Wisconsin that I took as we traveled the back roads getting to the whooping crane fly overs. 
Sumac is always early and one of the brightest colored bushes in the fall ...  

Here a pair of Sand Hill Cranes fly by a beautiful red tree ... I liked the contrast.  Notice that the Sand Hill's are grey.  Grey is their natural color and the brown color that we are used to seeing is caused by them painting themselves with iron rich mud during their mating season.  It leaves enough of a stain on the feathers to change their color.  I assume that the natural color returns as they molt.  So, that was news to me ... thought I would pass it on :)

Time for harvest.  The fields were golden where the corn still stood, but here you see bins of corn being carried to a destination unknown :)


  1. Wonderful captures of autumn! It is sliding in rather quickly now!! Hope you have a great week, Andrea!!

  2. Great color shots! I hope we have some decent fall color, but with the drought we had early on, I don't know.

  3. Wonderful. I really liked hearing about the cranes, and seeing them silhouetted against the trees. Thank you.
    And in our last drought (which lasted eight years) we got very little autumnal colour. Leaves simply dropped off, and many big tree died. It was dreadful.

  4. Very pretty colors (just about the same here). Love that capture of the sand hill cranes. You're fortunate to live in an state that's on their migration route!

  5. a beautiful bountiful
    bouquet of Autumn goodness...thank you:)

  6. I think the drought here definitely had an effect on the early fall color. Gotta take the bad with the good, I guess. Gorgeous photos. xo

  7. Love seeing glimpses of fall! We don't experience regular seasons here in South Florida.