Monday, September 10, 2012

Mandarin Orange Monday


I don't know what it is about orange cars ... since I started this meme, I see them everywhere.  Of course, I can't resist taking the picture, so here we are again ... an Orange Jeep :)

 I thought I needed something a little softer to offset the Jeep ... this scarf and purse were hanging in my favorite coffee/art shop.  Now that I am looking at the picture, I am wondering why I didn't buy them.  Then I remember why ... I am on a fixed income, duh :)
My apologies for no explanation of the edits.  These last few weeks have been very busy and I didn't take the time to write things down.  I do need to give credit for the Kim Klassen texture "Elevate" used on the scarf picture.


  1. Great captures for the day! Love the purse and scarf! Wonderful colors! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!

  2. Given how crowded our house is, I am sometimes glad that my income is fixed. I love your take on orange today - thank you.

  3. Very bright! Orange does look good on you.

  4. Andrea thank you for those lovely words you wrote on my blog. I am glad you enjoyed reading about my visit to Nepal. And actually, I think your editing is wonderful too!
    And as for your images today - i like them very much. I stopped and photographed an orange jeep like car last week too! it was smaller though, and no roof. I put it up sometime for you to see. The background you have given it is perfect - it is my favourite colour combination and i really like the texture you gave it -contrasting with the clean edges of the car. The scarf is lovely-beautiful pattern-gorgeous. And the soft, transparent background is just perfect too.
    One thing though, i see you have linked this to MoM but I don't see the thumbnail on my blog. Something must have gone wrong when you tried. Can you try again?
    Thanks again:)

  5. Well, I must say that you have found the prettiest Jeep and scarf and bag set there is!!! Of course, orange is my favorite color! I think the Jeep would be much better if the paint were a metallic orange - oooooh, ohhhhhh, I can dream, can't I? As for the bag and scarf, well I absolutely love them! Well done my friend. You have a great night, hugs, Edna B.

  6. I adore that scarf! So pretty.

  7. Came back to thank you for sharing this fantastic work on Mandarin Orange! I love this work - I love that brilliant orange against turquoise and the flat smooth areas of the car against the texture of the background.
    The scarf is great too - love its pattern and colour against the soft, transparent background.