Monday, September 10, 2012

Macro Monday

I thought this was a Box Elder Bug when I took the picture, but when I looked up Box Elder ... they didn't look like this.  So I went to several bug identification sites and nobody had a black and red bug that  looked like this ... hmmmm.  He does have a sinister look about him.  I wonder who he is ... do you know?


  1. He is certainly a very stylish bug. Just the same, those colours spell 'danger will robinson' to me.

  2. Can't say I know what it is but it certainly does look very sinister...or rather like Halloween. I like the shot though....the colors are gorgeous.

  3. That is a very interesting and striking insect!

    I have a feeling you reside outside of the states; so, I am unable to help you identify this critter.

    In my short research, it looks very similar to what is called the "red bug" that made an appearance in the states not long ago which originates from the Mediterranean areas. It also looks very similar to the milkweed bugs.

    Maybe this will help your search go a tad further?

    {Hopping around the link party from Unfocused!}

  4. I have no idea, but I love the red and black! Nice shots!

  5. I googled your bug and came up with several idea. I found Poisonous Blister Beetle, Milkweed Bug, Boxelder Bug, an Stink Bugs. There are more. No one actually seems to have a name for this bug, at least that I could find. Good luck on naming him. Meanwhile, it's a great photo. Have a great night, hugs, Edna B.