Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wild Bird Wednesday

American Coot

 For years we had huge flocks of migrating American Coots on our lakes and channels in the Spring, but for the past few years, it seems, there were maybe only a few stragglers ... they have become a rare site.  So naturally I was pleased to find a small group of them resting on the lake in the Bong Wildlife Reserve in Wisconsin, near my home.

I had to zoom in on this group because you haven't really seen a Coot unless you can gaze at their big  feet :)  While I was at Bong, I spotted another bird that I had never seen before ... very exciting, for me anyway.  That will be next weeks post :)



  1. Yes their feet are so funny Andrea

  2. Coots are such handsome birds until you see their huge ugly feet!

  3. I always smile at the name of this bird!

  4. you have many more Coots then we have where I live. I think I can count them on my fingers :( But I have seen one set of chickens at least :)

  5. Oh how lucky to have these nearby. The only time I ever saw one of these birds was while I was in Florida. The ones in Florida had an orange beak. They are quite different looking, but very interesting.

    Can't chat long today, have to leave shortly for a doctor appointment. Just checking to make sure the foot is okay. Weather today is cloudy, sunny, breezy and comfortable. (70's)

    Pogo sends woofs to Izzi. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  6. We saw some coots when we were in the Chesapeake Bay area last spring. Glad that the population seems to be picking up a bit!