Tuesday, January 12, 2016

NF Trees and Bushes

 Nature's Water color ...
This is a trick of sorts.  I flipped the original so that the reflection in the water looks like the intended picture.  It does look like a beautiful water color painting to me ... what do you think?  Could a reflection like this have  been the inspiration for impressionistic painting?   :)




  1. Hello Andrea, pretty reflection and trees. The first image does look like a beautiful watercolor. Thanks for the sumac id and comment. Happy Tuesday, enjoy the week ahead!

  2. I am certain that the Impressionists (like most other artists) got inspiration from nature.
    Love that flip.

  3. I like it. And of course it could be an inspiration of artists :) It inspires us, right?

    Re the name of the bird I forgot to mention, Bullfinch! You can also see a post in the bird blog of the same species but another location :)

  4. that is so clever!! and doesn't it look so wonderful as a watercolour?!