Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NF DAM Digital Art Meme

Tom's Picasso

Every year my neighbor puts lights in his tree by the garage.  I call them "Tom's Picasso" because they are ever interesting and unpredictable as were most of Picasso's pieces ...  

and from any direction you will see something different ... with a little touch up here and there you can see what I saw :)
Why it's Dumbo, of course :)

 Mr. Bird in his boxer shorts and slippers ...

And, finally a little Scooby Doo :)
What do you see?



  1. I have to say, your imagination is extremely fascinating!!! Thanks for the little dotted lines. They helped my brain to see better.

    Today we are going to warm up a bit, and the rest of the week too. Then the cold will be back for a while. As long as a few warm days keep sneaking in here and there, I'll get through the long cold winter just fine.

    Friday, Pogo and I will take the car to the dealer for it's winter check up. That will be our excitement for this week. (Gosh, does this sort of trip out get you excited too?)

    Joe is taking a personal day today, so I've just made up a new batch of peanut butter/bread treat, and he'll be taking it outside to the treat cages soon. I'll have to check the bird bath too in case it needs filling.

    That and laundry are on my fun schedule for today. I hope you and Izzi have some things planned for today that are fun too. Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. I love it. I guess this is art using "found objects"

  3. Original art ... And it's a good thing you got pictures since it's never the same two years in a row. I'm not real sure what I would have seen without your help.

  4. Yes I guessed them all before I saw your guess. Fascinating

  5. I saw Dumbo instantly but it took a little more imagination on the other shots.

  6. How fun! I do think Dumbo is my favorite.

  7. My you have a great imagination. The Elephant was pretty clear. I think this is a fun way to enjoy lights.

  8. o,wow, this made me laugh. So cool. Glad your neighbor provides you with photo ops like this :)
    And I see why you call it Picasso. I even saw the bird :)

  9. You're back! I hope you had a wonderful time off and not too busy. Your imagination is fascinating as always.