Tuesday, April 7, 2015

NF Trees and Bushes

Trees are our friends.  They are so integral to life and who can even imagine life without them.  It saddens me when I lose a tree that is close to me, as I have many times in my life.  It saddens me also, that so many trees are being "cleared" for all of the wrong reasons.  I wonder if man will become enlightened before it is too late ...



  1. It's almost heartbreaking when onehave to take out the old trees.
    Can be dangerous too.
    Thanks for sharing.and have a nice day :)


  2. Oh, I do hate to see this!! And one sees it more and more these days! I do love trees because I grew up in a small town in west Texas where there were few trees or anything else beautiful!!!

  3. It's always sad to lose a tree, but especially old trees. Old trees are gorgeous.

  4. it is not even easy to take them down. But this one did not seem so healty. Might have been bad if it fell over in a storm. But of course we miss them. They all have personalities.

  5. I live in hope that we will learn - but am not holding my breath.
    A species of slow learners...

  6. Yes it saddens me also when trees need or are cut down. Great shots of the action.