Friday, April 24, 2015

Being Izzi

Ohios Agains ...
The sames but differents

I heards the peoples talkings about going to Ohios, but my Moms said, Auntie D isn't going to be able to gos.  Well, I thoughts, we won'ts be goings withouts Auntie D, but then my Moms says, Amys Jo and Moyas are going to gives us a rides.  Oh boy, I thoughts to myselfs, but then I thoughts ... Do I know Amys Jo and Moyas?  I knows they aren't in my class so to be honest, I was a little nervous about ridings with strangers.  You knows how Aussies feel abouts strangers ... oh my!

Well, guess whats ... I know Moyas and Amys Jo from my trials so they aren't strangers.  That is very goods and another very goods thing was I gots to sits in the back seats with Moyas, nots in a crate.
Amys Jo

So lots abouts this trips is the sames as befores so I will trys not to repeats myselfs.  I will trys to hits the highlights and then the things that is differents.    So for starters we packs ups and leaves and we is drivings alongs just fines.  Fines enoughs for me and Moyas to falls asleeps ... then all of a suddens we is thrown arounds in the backs seats (thanks goodness for our seats belts) and then I hear Amys Jo say words that my Moms only says when shes  mads ... Moms said someones cuts in fronts of us and Amys Jo hads to hits the brakes ... Don't knows what that means, but I am hopins it doesn't happens agains.

So whens we gets to Ohios everythings is the sames ... sames towns, sames motels, sames beds and sames that the peoples go to dinners and leaves us in our rooms.  I is thinkings I woulds likes to go to dinners too, but then Moms comes homes with some goods left overs for mes.  Thanks Moms ...

Grilled Pickles ... Reallys?

Next mornings we wents to the sames FairGrounds ... I know its the sames because they has a pigs that doesn't stinks.
Lots of my friends were theres  ... this is Bailys.  Bailys is always smilings ... I like Bailys and shes in my class mosts of the times.

This is Max with Mariannes ... Moms says Max was feelins his oats, whatever that means.  Hopes it is a goods things ... she said it was because of all of us girls ... hmmms.  Still don't knows whats she's  talkings abouts.  Peoples can be very strange sometimes.

Then the games begins.  Moyas and mes is first so then ...

We gets to sits in our front rows seats to watch everybodys else ...

Rubys the little Spits Fires on the lefts and Max, the ones who feels Oats on the R aboves :)

Jacks (L) is a Good Ol' Boy and
 Bailys (R above) is a sweets girls ...
Jades(L above)and her brothers
 (not shown) reminds me of my
 friends in Wisconsins and Hollys(R above)
 is my Buddy from Skills class. 
 She Yakity Yaks at Jims and Jims 
doesn't likes it.  
Magicks, well, her name says it alls ...

After the games we wents to the sames parks agains and my friends all wents swimmings agains.  

I wents for a walks with my Moms by the lakes 

Ands to sees the mans made waters fall ... cools huh?

Thens we waits by the car for the wets ones to comes back ...

And, they were reallys wets ...

We returned to our homes aways from homes ...

Looks how Amys Jo parks the cars ... even I knews that was funnys ... we all laughs at hers, Ha!

Next days we went to the games agains ...

I don't runs weavers so I watches Moyas ...

OOOh ... I hads to close my eyes.  Moyas wents one ways and Amys Jo wents anothers.  Nots goods ...

Even Moyas knew to lay lows for awhiles :)

The games on Sundays wents well and whiles the rest of us is strugglings to finds a comfortable spots ... Jacks is livins the lifes of luxurys.  That Rogers knows hows to treats a dogs :)

At the ends of the days everyones gathereds for a groups photos ...  Did I say everyones?

It occurs to mes that we all comes all this ways. we all eats, drinks and bes marrys togethers. We all plays our agilitys game togethers.  But when we is called for the groups pictures, we alls are not inviteds.  Does that sounds rights to yous? So I mades my owns groups pictures for my friends in agilities ...

It was a longs wonderfuls weekends, but I has to admits ... Moyas and I was tireds!
The Ends

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  1. Love your post and shots of this fun event are so fun! Glad those brakes were working good!

  2. This was a great post.
    Have a nice day,

  3. What a wonderful weekend all your dogs had. It must have been great meeting up with all your freinds again. Well reported adn great shots. Have a lovely weekend and the same to your Mum.

  4. What a fun time for all. The dogs are all so cute and very smart.. Wonderful photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  5. That is a great outing. They are definitely having great time.

  6. That looks like so much fun. All the dogs are adorable.

  7. Well it certainly looks and sounds like someones had great funs!

  8. how fun that is! I have only seen this in TV a few times. You had a great day :)

    re the elk. it seem to be what you call moose. Some kind of name confusion here. :)

  9. Gorgeous shots of the dogs! We had a German shepherd when I was little.

  10. Wow that was a busy weekend, no wonder some dogs needed a step down to make it out of the back of the car - well they wouldn't want to get hurt before all the agility fun would they?!
    Wren x

  11. How cute! The dogs are wonderful!

  12. Gosh, what great fun you all were having!! I have to say you are a really beautiful group of doggies. Of course, I think you are the prettiest! Your group photo is awesome!! Licks and woofs, Pogo B.