Monday, May 19, 2014

NF Inspiring Photography

Bright Morning Sun Reflecting off of my window ...original

edited ...


  1. The bird is in both photos. What is it, and where is it kept to create a reflection?

    1. It is a stcker on my window that is supposed to keep the birds from flying into it. Obviously it doesn't work all of the time, like when the birds are spooked by something, but in general we don't get very many window hits considering ... Thankfully :)


  2. Wonderful photos Andrea. Is the bird a hanging decoration? It makes a beautiful reflection for your photo. I agree that watching the morning sun come pouring through our windows is such a beautiful sight. I especially love watching it creep in over the tree tops in t he morning, and then slowly light up everything. If the birds are singing at the same time, this makes it all the more wonderful.

    Last night at work I tried my darndest to get photos of hummingbirds with my smaller camera, but the birds were too fast and I am not that good yet with the camera. So, I only got a couple of photos and they were not that good. But, I will get better at it. At least, I will try to.

    I've had my morning nap, now it is time to play with Mr. Pogo. I think he is feeling a bit better today because he seems to be his perky self again. I will make an appointment for a check up for him anyway. Well, that's my news for today. You and Miss Izzi have a most beautiful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Both shots are quite interesting.

  4. love your window decoration. Made me wonder what it would look like if you caught the light with the bird and underexposed the shot? Just a thought :)

  5. The edited version gives it a bit more depth and clarity...both are cool!

  6. The bird almost looks like an apparition created by the glare of the sun. Nice interpretation of the "Catching Light" theme. Thanks for stopping by to view my Wednesday Abstract.