Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NF Abstract

Start ...

Ponder ...

Finish ...


  1. Great job! I like both your ponder and finish.

  2. Very nice, Andrea. I really like your final image. It has a sort of "somewhere in space" look to it. I also want to say that I just love love love your series of robin photos. What a great catch! I usually see the robins running around gathering materials when I am driving by and cannot stop for photos. These are just wonderful.

    Yesterday, I finished Pogo's afghan, and he was oh so happy with it. He immediately scrunched it up a bit, then curled up on it for a nap. Certainly made my heart happy to watch him.

    We found someone to give the pink stroller to, and boy was that lady happy! Her little dog cannot walk so good anymore, and this would make it possible for them to go for walks and enjoy the fresh air together.

    DIL is coming by later this afternoon, and we'll have supper and crochet together. It's a nice way to finish off a good day. Licks to Izzi from Pogo, and you have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. hm, endresult made me think of galaxies. :)

    re my spooky lake: no, it is not underexposed. It is a negative, as in negative old films. Look for "negative" or "invert" in your software.

  4. Wowee! Great work Andrea! My favourite is the second.

  5. I like how you show the process, from the original the the finished product!! I love the feeling of movement in the final version!

  6. I like the second one. The third, however, reminds me of a space scene. Interesting!

  7. Love the blue and yellows...great processing!