Friday, December 6, 2013

Smile It's The Weekend

Me, Myself and I

I has to talk to you Badger Boo, about Hoomans.  I loves my Moms, but sometimes she does the strangest things.  For examples ...

This is what my Moms calls a Poopy Bags ...

She takes that bags, slips its over her hand and grabs ups my well laid poops as soon as I has dropped its. 

 Now I has to tells you, I goes to  a great deals of  difficultys to finds the perfects spots for my poops, but my Moms says it is RUDES to leave my poops in someones yard.   Yard?  I thoughts it was territorys ... my territorys to be exacts.  That poops is my flags of ownerships and she just whips it aways.  Now this is nots new.  She has been doings this to mes for a long times.  I finally figured outs that if I lifts my legs in the sames spots, she can'ts gets that in her bags ... so everyones will still knows it is my territorys.

  My Mom says thats the bottom lines is ... peoples should picks up the poops when they walks their dogs ... I just don'ts understands hoomans, sometimes.


  1. Your mom is right. We pick up after Little Bit. Always. At our marina some people don't and it's not nice one bit.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. ☺

  2. Woof, Your mom is right. Everyone should lift up poo after their dogs and I get VERY angry when people leave it around and then others tramp on it! It's immportant that you leave scent in yourterrotory adn I am glad you can still do this. Have a good walk over the weekend.

  3. As one of the strange hoomans I am with your mom. Sorry.

  4. Oh Izzy, I wish I could sympathize with you, but I'm one of those strange hoomans as well and understand your Mom very well. Just let it go...your concern I mean.

  5. I knows what you mean Izzi, my mummy does the same thing with my poopy too, it'd most annoying, I spend ages looking for the right spot, assumes the position and when I looks round she's picking it up **sigh** The only good thing is that she then feeds it to the wormies in my Dog Poop Wormery BOL

    Thank you for joining in with this weeks Smile it's the Weekend. Hope you has a pawsome week xxxxx