Friday, December 6, 2013


Izzi Goes to Ohio ... Ohio?  What's Ohio?
(As narrated by Izzi ...)

Mom said we is going on a trips.  I has never been on a trips so I didn't know what we were getting into.  Then "D" came over with her car
all loaded up with stuff and four of my agility Buddies ... Wow!  Mom stuffed me in the back seat, added more stuff to the car and we were off.

When we gots on a big highway, I thought, oh nos ... this is too much.  I'm taking a naps.  Maybe it will all go aways ...

When I woke up, this is what I saw.  I thought ... we has barns where I live, maybe we are going homes?

But then I sees a town I don't knows ... we are gones for sure.

(Izzi's view from back seat)

Then it starts to rains ... it's darks and there's lightnings.  I thought ... we betters gos homes.

But homes was a motel ... I has never been in a motel.  This coulds be fun and I has a bigs bed to sleeps in :)

The next morning we packed up the car again and headed for the County Fairgrounds.  Boy we was really in God's country.   I knew it was God's country 'cause this is the first things I saw when I got to the fairgrounds ...

When we gots there lots of my Agility friends were there ... we were at an old fashioned country agility trial ... Woo Hoo!

Mom took me on a tour of the fairgrounds ...

I started marking so peoples would know what's ours ...

Mom says it's okay to mark on that big red things ... she says all dogs marks on them ... hmmm I guess since I'm a dogs that means mes :)


What Bear?


This must be a special place because my Moms said "Thanks God they has one"!

Now, backs to the funs ... foods ... lots of treats :)

 And, Let the games begins ...  This is Jack, he's a big gentle boy!

This is Pandy ... or Magick, I can'ts tell unless I am close enough to sniffs (Mom says it's

Then Ed "P" was nice and took pictures of me with my Mom ( my old poops handler :)  We has lots of funs together out there ...

You might notice that it was raining ... I love running in the rain and Mom has a raincoat so we still has fun ...

This is"A" and Moya

This is "T" running Swift ... "T" is everybody's favorite Junior Handler.  A really sweets kid ...

This is "D" and Dash ... Dash is my Aussie Buddy.  We rodes with "D" on this trip.  It was nice of her to fits us in with her four dogs :)

This is "J" and Holly.  Holly is a rescue dog from Ohios.  "J" brings her back here every years to say thank you for rescuing Holly and for giving hims his best friend.

There was much funs had by all between pictures ... I thinks you can tells ...

The humans went out to dinners at night without us ... don'ts understand that, but it's true.  They ate good country cookin' ... and my Mom brought me home some scraps ... really yummy scraps.

This is our group ... all goods peoples and they all has awesome dogs, like me :)

After the Trial, we wents to a States Park ... it was very nice and I will shows you some fun pictures of that excursion next time ... Glads you stopped by ...
 Izzi :)


  1. ANDREA I JUST LOVE THIS POST and what great shots of you and Izzy. It looks as if you had an awesome time on your trip and looks like Izzy will now be an experienced traveler. Agility looks like so much fun with your dog!

  2. What fun. Big, big smiles - and thank you.

  3. Great post!! I do like the black and white pig!!

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. Oh Izzy! You have too much fun and more friends that I can count on my paws...I mean fingers.