Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mandarin Orange Monday

This is where I started this week.  It is a strange light reflection that came through my garage side door and planted itself on the main garage door.  It was light bouncing off of my neighbors window, though I never figured out what gave it the strange appearance.  But I couldn't resist it ... I was drawn in:)

  So, of course, I needed to orangify it ...

Let the dabbling begin :)
A linear burn intensified it ...

I flipped it on it's side, added a Bonnie texture, used the mask/brush and ran it through different filters until I arrived at this ...

I added a few finishing touches and OMG ... it's a hairy, prehistoric looking fish :)  Or maybe you see something else ... :)

I'm not one to stop while I am ahead (if you can call that ahead).  I started painting using the selection brush, the clone stamp and various colors.  I know it is a stretch to say it came from the first picture of the reflection on the garage door, but it did ... what can I say.  It was fun and that is what it is all about ... 

Happy MOM everybody :)


  1. I like looking for ghost also... they can appear in different places.

  2. HI Andrea Well that is an interesting post and I also thught it was a fish. No idea what the last shot is.

  3. A great "orange" post!
    Perfect for MOM!

  4. It is a radio-active fish.
    Congratulations on your creativity. I love following along to see where your mind will take us.

  5. Almost a fish :)
    Great post.
    Have a nice day.

  6. it became a face with flowing hair. .)

    Why not join in NF Abstract? I would love to have you there.

  7. I love the "fish person" version. It's amazing how your creative mind works with this art. Just wonderful!! I never would have thought to take a photo of the light and turn it into art. Once you flopped the light sideways, I could definitely see where you were going. I wonder if maybe she was once a fish goddess way below the sea? Great job, Andrea. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  8. Andrea I enjoyed following your transformations so much! Love the way you introduce them too;)
    I definitely saw a fish emerge... and as for the last abstract... very dramatic and exciting! I can see you had lots of fun playing... it is great to start with something so simple and see where it takes you.
    Thanks for sharing on MoM. After reading your comments on my blog I now know for sure that we are very much alike in our approaches! I too have a very full computer (and backup disks!).