Monday, May 16, 2016

Through My Lens

Chiang Mai 2 

On our second trip to Chiang Mai we stopped at the Farang Community outside of Chiang Mai to look at houses as this is a place that will be in Ryan and Mint's future. (Farang refers to Westerners who live in Thailand and there are many)

The Activity Center in this community doubles as a sales office ...

The pool is open to the community and they have meeting/party rooms as well.

The first model we went to was furnished ...

The yards are small, but there is a patio where you can sit outside when it isn't too hot :)

Master Bed room ...

Closet space in the master bedroom ...

Master bath ... note their showers are not enclosed :)

A second furnished model with different layout ... 

We ended our tour with an unfurnished model which gave us a better idea of room size.  Also, most of the build-ins are optional and there are many choices that can be made to make the home the way you want it.  

Neighborhood ...

Balcony off the master bedroom ...

The schools in the area are International and are taught in English.  It is the place where Mint's daughter will hone her English skills and be taught with the US curriculum before she comes over to the states with Mom and Dad ... all part of the plan :)

We ended this part of the Chiang Mai visit at a favorite restaurant with the awesome fruit smoothies :)



  1. Hello, looks like a nice place to live. The pool would be great to have nearby. The fruit smoothie looks delicious. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  2. Andrea this is so interesting ... I had no idea of the term Farang community (nor that there are so many Westerners living in Thailand. I had heard it was a wonderful place to vacation/travel though). Those model homes look very modern and convenient. I for one would love the small yard.

  3. It does look good. And I don't have that much closet space.

  4. Really beautiful building and would be lovely to live there.

  5. Does not look all that Thai - and then I saw the food and the memories cam back! I love the time I spent in T'land - one day I hope to get back.

    199 this week! I still dont have a plan for 200!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne