Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Creative Playroom

Light House



  1. Beautiful!
    Enjoy your springtime

  2. Lighthouse, :) Love the idea.

  3. Lighthouses are such special places to aid sailors stay on a safe route to their destination.

  4. This is quite lovely. Very serene looking. And I loved your pelican and eagle photos. It has to be wonderful to be able to see such beautiful sights from your yard.

    Has Spring been holding on in your neighborhood? We seem to be going backwards with our weather. Days ranging from 42 to 52 and nights from 35 - 40. Sunshine has been in short supply these past few days. Rain is nice for a bit, but now we'd love to see the sun.

    There's not much on TV today, so Pogo and I are watching the BuzzR channel. It's all the old game shows from the 60's and & 70's. It's really quite entertaining.

    I imagine these cooler temps are a blessing for Izzi. Hopefully, she is still progressing and getting better. Pogo sends her a big woof.

    There's not much happening here. Today's fun will be food shopping. (gosh, did I say that?) It's time now for me to go type my own post. You and Izzi have a beautiful day. Hugs, Edna B.