Friday, January 30, 2015

Geometric Friday

 This was a pattern on something, I can't remember what.  But, it was black and white so I juggled it around a little and changed the color ...

Then, of course, started to play with it :)

I seem to have lost the geometrics in this one unless, of course, the heart could qualify as a geometric shape :) 

It is TGIF and I do ... :)  Have a great weekend everyone ...



  1. Hi Andrea, I'm back! :)
    And I love what you did to that simple pattern.
    I like the endresult with the heart and the
    one before last. They are great!
    Have a fine day

  2. I like that you created a heart in the last one. It is always great with unexpected things. :)

  3. Your geometry came to life;) Interesting you have used different colours to what you usually do as well.... iI find it really hard to discipline myself! The blues are lovely and cool..a bit like the water and the place I stayed.-we actually had a fire three the middle of summer! You are in winter now... perhaps your colour reflects that? Your images started with movement..and then just ended up dancing! Thanks Andrea:)

  4. Great geometrics. I like them all. And a good eye for catching that pattern to start your series of designs.

  5. That last one is terrific...could see it on an exhibit wall♪