Friday, July 11, 2014

Smile It's the Weekend

Hi, Badger Boos ... I has an interesting experience to tells you abouts.  I was walkings in the woods with my Moms, mindings my own business and suddenlys I felts like I was being watched.  I looked ups and saw a bigs blacks nose, two bigs ears and two bigs brown eyes.

 I was frozens in my steps.  I hads never seen anythings likes it and all I could do was growls ....   Moms cames to see why I was growlings and she saids ... :Oh, Izzis, it's a young deers ... what's a young deers?  I means I know I was lookings at ones but still doesn't knows what it is.  Moms says, come ons Izzi, lets leaves before we scares him ... Scares him?
  He was scarings mes.  But we lefts and he just stoods there and watched.  Now I don'ts know if I shoulds be scareds next times I sees a deers or nots ... He was pretty bigs and I thinks I mights have runs if he had come towards me ... or maybe nots.  I may have barked and growled because I has to protects my Moms.  Anyways, Badger Boos, thats my adventure for this weeks.  How abouts yous ... anythings new?


  1. both of you are so beautiful! :)

  2. Awww. Beautiful - both Izzi and the deer.

  3. Hi Izzi; You are SO adorable and we enjoyed the sweet encounter of you and Mom♡♡♡
    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  4. Ha! Nothing scares Stella, but our old lab, Grits met a horse once. The look on his face was sheer alarm and disbelief! Critters are funny.

  5. Looking good Izzi,

    I love the picture of the Deer its beautiful, thank you for linking up with Smile it's the weekend, Badger Boo did come along and leave you a comment but I'm not sure where it disappeared to .


  6. Izzi, you get prettier every day! Aren't you the lucky girl for meeting up with a deer. I think they are such beautiful animals. I hope you get to see many more in your travels. Big woofs and licks, Pogo B.