Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our World Tuesday

Wet Doggies ...

Some love it ...

Some don't ...

First a taste test ...


I'm leavin' ...

A little wading ...

A little deeper ...

Swim for your life ...

A Rosy Rudder ...

Fun was had by all ...


  1. Oh my, what fun photos! I'll bet the water felt good to most of the doggies. It's great to see them playing in the water. I'm going to get a little pool for Pogo. Not sure if he will like it, but he did jump into the huge pond to get closer to the ducks and geese so we shall see. there are no ducks and geese for the little pool. Hmmm, Maybe I can find a couple of toy ones Just a thought.

    I have to go out to the store, but as usual I am procrastinating. It's almost time for lunch, so maybe I'll go after we eat. As long as Pogo is in an eating mood, the meal is more important than the errand. lol.

    You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B..

  2. Beautiful pics related to water and pets.

  3. Oh, I do love the doggies and what fun they are having!! A great outing for all!! Thanks for sharing, Andrea, such a delightful way to begin my day!! I do still miss my Sam Schnauzer every day!

  4. Gorgeous. And I bet that each and every one of them shared the water with a good shake as soon as they came out.

  5. There is something incredibly joyful about your post and the swimming dogs - Crazy Poodle is not a great swimmer (or is it me that doesn't like cleaning up after a wet dog??!!) Great post
    Have a lovely week
    Wren x

  6. What fun and sweet shots.

  7. Polly always came home wet, when she went on an adventure. Ha!

  8. wow- the expression on the black and white dog in the photo where the are waiting for the toy to be thrown is priceless!!!
    Great photos and it looks like a fun day was had by all