Wednesday, July 2, 2014

NF DAM Digital Art Meme

Barn Swallow

This actually started out as a picture of a barn swallow, but in the process of making it "digital art", it also became an abstract ... hmmm.   Thanks for the new meme, Monica ... I'll get the hang of it by the next time :)


  1. Hi Andrea. Yet another meme starting. it should be good. This shot looks good and interesting. Who is Monica and what does NF stand for?

    1. NF stands for NatureFootstep. Monica is the perpetrater of all of the NatureFootstep memes and there are many. I am sure you have seen her posts on many of the memes that we both participate in. She is a wonderful artist and fun to follow.


  2. great texture, soft feather like feel. Beautiful work

  3. love what you did with it. I can see a feather in there too. And as you know I love birds as well. A great one!

  4. I really like your results...placement of yhe swallow is perfect.

  5. Love that feathered background. Winged enchantment.

  6. Looks to me as if you already did get it! Great job Andrea! There is a wonderful new DIGITAL ART magazine that has just come out that you might like. It is at Barnes and Noble and is put out by STAMPINGTON AND COMPANY. Check it out.

  7. cool image Andrea and thanks for introducing Monica, I wondered what her name was.

  8. very nice and i'd say that you are catching on quite well~!! this has a lovely softness and flow to it that i really like. poetry in motion.

    great work.


  9. Is the swallow causing the magic or the magic creating the swallow? ;) Beautiful. I am pleased about Monica's new meme too:)