Sunday, May 25, 2014

Smile it's the Weekend

Badger Boo's Daft Adventures< /div>

Things is changing arounds here, Badger Boos.  My Aunts moved upstairs from the apartsment and my Dads had to moves his office intos the "Birds Room".  I calls it the "Birds Room" because that's where my Mom keeps her birds when she is babysittings them.  Wells, todays I comes upstairs and the doors is closed.  Whats?  How cans you closes me outs of your office, Dads?  So I scratched on the doors (my ways of knockings) and he says to mes ... Sorrys Izzi, you can'ts comes in.  So I decideds to looks into this (very disgusted looks).  Turns outs there's a bird in the office ... 

So I guess I knows whos importants in this house ...

As I sits and waits my turns to plays with my Dads ... Hope your week is betters than mines, Badger Boos ...


  1. aww! a sweet bird that needs help!

  2. Love the way this post is written. Poor dog, I hope his time will come SOON!

  3. Hi Izzi it's Badger Boo, what a cute owl. I guess you is like me and chases the birdies too BOL. It's a shame you got shut out of your dad's office though.

    Sorry I've not been abouts for a while, I've been spending some time at the vets cos I had a nasty tumour on my head and hads to have an operation. I looks a bit like Frankenstein with the stitches, but I'm all better now mummy says, soon I'll be back chasing them pesky squirrels.

    Hopes you has a pawsome weekend xxxx

  4. That poor owl. I am so glad it has found help. And Izzie? You are always loved. And your play time will come again. Soon.

  5. Some changes are good, Izzi. And if not, you can come over and visit us and Stella. We have a big yard and lots of treats! ~xo~

  6. Oh Izzi, what a beautiful little owl! Don't worry, your cuddle and play time will come soon. Your mom and dad love you very much. Pogo says to tell you that today his hair looks beautiful just like yours. All wavy and bright. When he goes naked, his hair curls up. lol. It's playtime here now, so you have a wonderful day. Woofs and licks from Pogo.

  7. Poor Izzi...but at least you still have your toys!
    My mom just made me some laminated cotton booties to wear when it not only do I have to wear fleece booties in winter(when it is really cold) and but now these new booties in spring. Well, tis better than having to have my paws washed after every time I go outside...though I got my revenge and rolled in the wet mud...But my paws were clean.... HaHa