Friday, December 13, 2013

Smile It's The Weekend ...

Me, Myself and I

Its winter where I lives and we has lots of snows.  My Mom says the snows on the yards and the lakes is beautifuls.  I just thinks it is  funs to play in.  So I show you my neighbors yard for beautifuls and ...

my yards for played in ...
Soooo ... I has funs in my yards :)

P.S. To Anonymous
If you don't like Izzi's posts, don't come over here and read them.  Or is it that you just like a reason to say rude, hurtful things.  Well,  then have at it ... I will just delete you!  The truth is ... you don't matter!


  1. Yikes on the anonymous comments. I don't allow anonymous comments anymore and for this reason.

    I love it when Izzi's posts.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your human. ☺

  2. Oh my, your yards are so beautiful! I love how the snow looks, but I don't really want any here in my yard. Izzi, you can have it to play in. You look like you're having a wonderful time with that frisbee. Have you done your shopping yet? I did mine but I had to wrap it because my mom keeps trying to peek in the package to see what I got. Yeesh! Grownups! We are supposed to have a lot of snow and ice this weekend. I hope not, because then I can't go outside. I don't have any boots yet. My mom says you got new boots. That's super because now you can play outside longer and not get cold feet. Well, I gotta go now. You have an extra run around the yard for me. Woofs and licks, Pogo.

  3. Lots of snow and a happy doggie!! Great shots for the day, Andrea!!

  4. Oh Izzy are a dog with attitude. You and Gracie would get along just fine!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful scenes. Winter wonderland. And how happy Izzi looks.
    Have a great (anonymous free) weekend.

  6. Splendid post! Although the PS is rather sad - why do people have to do things like that!! If I was in your back yard I think my posts would be Izzi like!!!

    H is 11 and we are awaiting the growth spurt and the always hungry boy!

    Nice post on the Nuthatch as well!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Beautiful I love the snow as so does Badger Boo, looks like you had lots of fun.

    Thank you for joining in with Smile its the Weekend, apologies for my belated reply this week xxxxx